Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Write Now

There are so many ways to write these days. It's kinda nice! I wrote a little book when I was in first grade...about a family of bears. I'm sure it was inspired. I wrote poems, stories, and even essays later.

Now, as a mixed-media artist, I can't bring myself to keep a regular journal. I keep a creative journal that I doodle in, smash in, paint in, dream in, copy things down I see somewhere, and write. I love it. I have more than one, of course.

But, once upon a time, the writing avenues were limited, and we had typewriters. There are plenty of people who can't part with their typewriters--I do have a little typewriter that I keep just for fun. I love that little thing. I have an antique typewriter too. I just like to look at it.

If you want to write, do it! Do it now. I was a food-writing copywriter for many many years, and I've published play script collections. I just can't stop with the writing. So I encourage everyone to pick up a pen, get on your laptop, buy an old typewriter...write something. 

First, you need a cat to write. Minnie is around to be my muse. Don't you want to kiss those lips?
Sometimes you might feel like you need a magic wand. I actually have a magic wand. Some local artist made these magic wands, and I need another one! (I played the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella a few years ago...no really!)

So what to write? Here's a few thoughts...
  • Write a blog. (duh)
  • Write a poem. (there are no rules)
  • Write a To Do List. (I'm doing an art project with mine)
  • Write an original card.
  • Write with thread. (my fave)
  • Write in your creative journal--okay, start one!
I'm sure you will have no problem adding to this list. It will be therapeutic, mind opening, and inspiring. So write. Now.

My Smash Book
Write your own story. Come back tomorrow, and we'll Dream at our desks.

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  1. Smashing book! and you are absolutely "write"... cats definitely help the musing process!