Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Porch Full-O-Pink

I'm growing seeds and I'm into the seed stitch! I can't seem to get enough pink lately--I love this pink yarn that automatically produces an occasional white stripe. It's absolutely lovely, and so I'm knitting a patchwork blankie with it, using the fabulous seed stitch, which is simply knit one pearl one. So more on that later! I'm also embroidering an old pair of cutoffs with lots of this pink floss. I'm putting flowers and doodles and even a crown on these shorts and it's so fun.

This is my pink watering can I got for Mother's Day, and I love this thing. Every garden girl needs a good watering can!

Here is an idea of what my seed stitching looks like. Obviously I didn't want to disturb his royal highness Joseph during his 2 p.m. naptime. He always manages to lay by a ball of yarn or some piece of my sewing, somehow.

My garden is getting a little more exciting with some cherry tomatoes ripening, and an unexpected HUGE cucumber appearing out of nowhere. I love these garden surprises.

When I ran out of room in the garden to plant more basil, I just started planting pots of it. I can't have enough for salads, sandwiches, pastas, and of course pesto all summer.

I love this strawberry pot that I turned into a minnie herb and flower garden. Yellow flowers should start blooming soon on top, and baby basils are peeking out of the front, with some baby dills on the sides.

Lately I've read where some of my favorite crafty bloggers have had illnesses, surgeries, and accidents! Please, everyone, take good care of you. And be careful--I know we tend to get carefree in the summer! We can't help it! We just have to be thankful for every day that we can leap out of bed, and create something! So here's a crafty hug to all of you, and hoping that you are feeling wonderful and enjoying the most out of your day.

Eat, Grow, Write, Dream, and Stitch it all together!


  1. Kitties always find the loveliest of places to have a nap huh! Thanks for the caring hug, many of us are in the 'bad health' situation and it's nice to know so many people care. Thanks!

    1. You are welcome Karen! We all seem to have a lot of issues...but we don't let it stop us somehow. Take care dearest!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Victoria! That is so like him to steal the spotlight all the time!