Saturday, July 21, 2012

Muffins and Madness

I keep a lot of muffin mixes on hand--they are just so easy to whip up when the morning calls for muffins! And this morning definitely did, especially when my daughter has a friend over, usually every week. These teenage girls love their summer, stay up late talking, and love muffins and coffee the next morning. Late morning, that is. But muffins are the kind of breakfast that will wait around for you.

I made honey bran muffins and chocolate chip. I got my pan ready with cute little muffin cups with flowers on the bottom. This is the kind of mix where you only have to add milk!

These are my favorite measuring cups. I like being able to measure more than one thing at a time.

I am an early bird--so I grabbed my muffin and coffee and then I was off on a mission. Clean out the potting bench! I think I do this about once a year (confession time) when I should be doing it about 4 times a year! It can get really dusty and dirty and cobwebby (is that a word?) and it's just a happier place when I clean it. So, after a backbreaking hour, and breathing in too much dust, here is my nice, clean potting bench.

The right side lifts up where there are two storage bins for potting soil. Nice and handy!

Now that every single start is in the garden and we are well into our growing season, I was able to stack up all the little pots I use to start seeds.

Now all my seed starting, for the rest of the summer, will take place outside in bigger pots, and I can reuse my little plastic ones next year.

I use an old Coca-Cola bottle crate for a little storage shelf.
The potting bench's top shelf is a mixture of the practical and the whimsical. A happy place! These little bottles, decorated with beads, are cute, but I also use them to start roots on plant clippings.

I always have to have three little teacups, and three little pebbles. I don't know why. I'm weird. This major cleaning was hard work! (Not easy on the ole pinched nerve in the back) Plus, I'm multitasking laundry, and dishes. So, I will have a relaxing afternoon surrounded by a sparkling clean world!

My Greenhouse Piggie oversees everything!

Eat well, Write something today, Dream your life up, Stitch Happy


  1. Well done on achieving this milestone clean up! They always feel sooo good, don't they? Btw your Greenhouse Piggie is the best!

  2. Btw did you know you have word verification on? It took me three attempts to post that comment just now - not good when I'm visiting 30 odd blogs - and the pictures are really hard to see too!

  3. I love your potting bench! How great is that!!