Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Russian Doll

Do you ever wish there were more of you? Some days at least? I know that many of my creative blogger friends feel fortunate and blessed that they possess the talent and skills that let them express their creativity every day. The problem we run into is, we want to do so many things! You build up your confidence enough, and you believe you can do this and that and get it all done...oh...today. At that point, I know it's become just like the cute picture my friend sent me of a Russian Doll that says "Sometimes You Just Feel Full of Yourself."

By the way, these are my newest Russian Dolls I bought during my trip to the lake last month. Blue girls! Oh to be able to nest myself together, or bring out the troops and attack...hmmm...what would each of me do?

I think my big girl would go for the big jobs: major housecleaning...my big yard beautification project...cooking all our meals for a week in one day...and doing all the work to start my new Etsy store. Boy, she would be tired.

My next beautiful girl would make sure that all the daily errands were done...emails, phone calls, shopping, and laundry. She would make sure everyone got a hug, and that all the cats, plants, and any other living things were attended to! She'd be happy...but tired.

My next inner Russian Doll would take care of a few personal details. She'd do my pedicure...nails...makeup...hair...massage...embroider my next pair of shorts...make sure I'm wearing moisturizer and lipgloss...and maybe shop for shoes. Oooh. She'd be a little self-centered...but feeling fine!

My next to the littlest girl is the creative one--all she thinks about is working on the novel, the play...embroidering things...scrapbooking things....coloring, gluing, stitching, and maybe baking something. It never stops with her! But she's deeply satisfied.

The littlest one...the baby...just wants to be loved and entertained. She can't help herself. She wants someone to give her a hug, tell her she's the greatest and then take her out to dinner. (her hubby's actually pretty good at that) She's not too demanding, but she likes what she likes. Maybe someday she'll grow up and be the big diva...but in the meantime, she's just a little bit diva. She's okay with that. She's never too tired to have a nice dinner out and go to a show.

I know, I'm goofy when it comes to my Russian Dolls! I even have a Russian Doll keychain. I'll show my whole collection one day. There's one big fat one that has 11 altogether! I bought her from artists visiting from..guess where...Russia! I think I named all of her once--I can't help myself!

Feed yourself...write about yourself...star in your dreams....stitch something just for you.


  1. Loving your "split personalities" today! The many priorities of women, eh?!

  2. The Russian Doll is a very good analogy of how all women try to be different things and attempt to do too much!! I like them though and that is a fab pic of you at the end :)