Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dreaming at Your Desk

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday! (That blog hop we all love where you get a peek at creative desks around the planet!) I am a couple of days ahead of schedule...I've got a busy week coming up! I have no doubt that my desk is pretty much going to stay like this for a few days though.

Visit the What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday hop here.

Today's post goes perfectly with my theme this week...Monday was "Eat"...Tuesday was "Write"...and today is "Dream." And let's face it. We do a lot of dreaming at our desks! I think this blog hop appeals to me so much because ever since I can remember...circa four years old...I've had a desk! I remember setting up my first was an old night stand. I loaded it up with crayons, coloring books, paper dolls, my china tea set, and Barbies and scooted my little wooden chair right up to it. I've never been without a desk ever since! I actually have a desk and a couple of work tables in my creative corner of the world. I've been writing and sketching in my creative journal which is also my idea book. I've also been stitching a new blog sign for myself. My white work table is a wreck!
Picking out flosses, fabrics and beads for my stitched sign--my worktable is a wreck.
 Within a couple of hours, I finished stitching my sign. I think I might frame it! This was really fun to make. While I wanted to do this first sign with my blog title, I can think of so many other cute sayings to stitch up using floss, fabric, buttons and beads like this.
I'm not going to let a busy week keep me from dreaming! I've got a lot of writing and stitching to do!
Dream happy everyone! Come back tomorrow for a little talk about stitching!


  1. Such a sweet post! #102 Love your stitching.

  2. popping in from woyww. Wow, really nice and I saw a peek of a smash book somewhere on that desk. Lol

  3. What a cute stitched sign. I saw your smash book too. I just bought one and am still deciding how I am going to fill it. I have a box with all sorts of memories that aren't in a scrapbook...

  4. So much going on on your desk today. Love the stitching. We all need to dream!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    hugs Lisax #67

  5. Love your pile of notebooks, journals and such. Lovin your stitched blog sign!

  6. Oh my... just popping in and already I feel more creative and light in my fingers and heart!

    I don't have anything on my project desk today, but we're in the dreamin' stages. I recently caught glimpse of an early 1900's crazy quilt in a nearby small town museum.. and I felt a stirring to gather materials to work on a wee project in this particular craft.

    I so enjoyed the photos and the glimpses into your own dreamin' heart and hands!

    Happy day........

  7. Beautiful sewing , well done you for getting it done. love busy desk & looking at others being creative. jill#32

  8. loving your handstitched sign,perfect :)
    happy woyww
    kay #35

  9. Gorgeous colourful stitching!!! so cheerful! Trish #55

  10. Such wonderful needlework! I really am in awe! Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.25

  11. Oh, how I love that bowl of yarns and the embroidery threads and the floral chest of drawers...and your stitching is so pretty *sigh* But what I loved most of all is the bit in your 'All About Me' section in the sidebar where you say about the best cure for stress. I fit every category, LOL!!!
    Love your blog and the way you write - I've just become your latest follower :D
    Hugs, LLJ #28 xx

  12. Pretty. Everywhere I look!
    Your stitchy blog banner is lovely; bet you make loads now. I can think of about 50 sayings for ya. Better hurry and start then, could be a lifetime's work!!

  13. So sweet! I love, love my Smash book (I saw yours peaking out there) :) Love your stitching! Have a great week!

    Katie (109)

  14. Your new blog sign is so sweet!