Saturday, July 14, 2012

A French Kinda Morning

"I do like a little bit of butter to my bread."
When We Were Very Young, A. A. Milne

Happy Saturday morning to you! I have such a busy day ahead of me. We are beautifying something in our backyard--I will take lots of photos--and it will be a bit of a labor. And then my husband has a special "Tent Theatre" reunion today, and I feel so privileged to accompany him and have a great time with a really wonderful group of people. It is this theatre program's fiftieth anniversary year, so it's a special time. Since I will be running around a lot, I think I deserve some French Toast for breakfast!! And like a French lady, I will not eat the whole thing, and hopefully burn it all off today. I like to dip my bread in a mixture of eggs whipped with half and half--oh so yummy--then browned on both sides in the griddle with real butter. Okay, maybe I will eat the whole thing. Brewing my Starbucks Blonde, and it's breakfast!

 Before I run off, I wanted to share a birthday box I made for my little nephew. He turned seven years old. Instead of getting some fancy wrapping paper for the goodies we bought him, I took a shoe box, and decorated the inside with some scrapbooking paper. I also wrote "Sam's Birthday Box" on the inside. He thought that was funny! Then I glued matching scrapbook papers on the outside, and then brown craft paper to the top of the lid. I wrote little messages on top, glued things on with glue dots, and drew and glittered a birthday cake. Then I wrapped a ribbon around it, and stuck a sea shell and birds' feathers into the ribbon. My little nephew just loves that kind of stuff. He can keep his treasure box for a long time.
It was fun gluing a truck, shells, rocks, buttons and marbles on top. His favorite things.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch and Celebrate Summer Every Day.


  1. What a fabulous little keepsake box of treasure!

  2. Thank you Victoria! I think he really likes it!