Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Sugar 'n Cream Knit Dresses

yes to the white dress

What do you do if you don't know how to knit yourself a dress? Knit a teeny tiny one-dimensional dress! I think I could have knit on these little dresses from now until forever. These are so fun and easy to knit...simply using the garter stitch. I made the first couple of dresses, accidentally putting some holes in my increases! I fixed that with the next dress, though, and knit until I got four little dresses I liked, and then I stitched them onto knit squares. This was fun...if I could drop everything else I'm doing, I'd knit and embellish about a hundred of these squares! The more little dresses I knit, the more I realized, hey! I could knit myself a real dress, if I really tried!

I started this project at the beginning of summer...put it on the back burner a few times...but finally finished it, happy with my final four squares. I embellished my little dresses from the beads, buttons and ribbons in my stash, and stitched it all together. Yay! Another project saved from becoming a UFO! (Unfinished Object)
My daughter helped me plan the arrangement.

This is a great project for working from my stash.

dinner and dancing dress
country picnic dress
a day in the sun dress
Love, love, love my Sugar 'n Cream yarns...and I'm happy as can be in a new pair of espadrilles! What is it about a new pair of shoes? I remember feeling that way when I was seven! It never ends.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, and wear some beads on your ankle!