Monday, October 1, 2012

Stitching Up Cabbage Patch Clothes

Ya never know what you'll find at a big ole flee market. Saturday, hubby and I were having fun exploring a huge flee market in a former Wal-Mart building--so you can imagine how many booths were at this one. We didn't even make it to all the booths. I saw these Cabbage Patch babies laying on a table--four dollars! I had to adopt them.
I whipped up a couple of dresses for the new babies and knitted them headbands, which took about ten minutes. My friend Beth and I were talking about Cabbage Patch babies the other day, so one of them was destined to go to her as an early birthday present.

I am not a Cabbage Patch collector--in fact I was too old for baby dolls when the craze started in the 1980's and parents were scrambling to find one to put under the Christmas tree. I can see why, they are so adorable with their dimples and belly buttons.
And, of course, you want your Cabbage Patch to have the Xavier Roberts signature on the bum!

It was fun just to whip up some dresses for my babies--I laid one of their outfits on some fabric and cut around it to snip the dress pieces out.

I thought this sunny yarn would make cute headbands for them. I just cast on four stitches, kept measuring it to the baby's head as I knit, and then whip stitched the ends together. On one of the headbands I used glue dots to fasten on some purple flowers. I used my flower loom to whip up the orange flower for the other headband, and sewed it on. Boom! Two baby headbands in less than thirty minutes. I just love a baby with a headband.

I could probably spend a little more time and make some super cute outfits--but it is no trouble to quick stitch some doll clothes--it reminds me of when my daughter collected Beanie Bopper dolls, and we made a lot of outfits for them. Even when I was little, my Aunt Margaret made Barbie Doll clothes for me--and she used actual patterns and made some really beautiful outfits. So I may have to grab some more of my sparkly fabric and tulle and whip up some adorable baby dresses. In the meantime, this purple one will do!

I used leftover fabric from my daughter's owl bag to make this dress.

My other favorite find of the day: super cute hat boxes! I got all three for twelve dollars--not bad. I love hat boxes for extra storage. These can nest, or, stacked up, they are a little table.

I love the gardening theme of these boxes.
It's fun to stroll through a flee market--you don't have to spend much to get a few treasures, and you might get a few ideas too!

My babies had fun playing together before one went away to become Beth's baby. Have fun Beth's baby!

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch some doll clothes.


  1. You are very good at sewing, Sandy - got far more patience than me, lol!! Those outfits are fab and I love the headbands!!
    I posted a parcel off to you today...wonder how long it's gonna take??? *grin*
    Jan xxx

    1. You know--this will be interesting to see how long our parcels take, since we mailed them on the same day! This is so fun--makes me think I need to find a fabric ATC swap!

  2. Fantastic! I love them, what a great find :) Suzie xxx :)