Friday, October 19, 2012

Art Journal Inchie Gallery

My mixed-media art journal page of the week started out as a mini art gallery. Last year I participated in a blog linkup called Every Inchie Monday, and every Monday we had a theme to create these one-inch-square works of art. Many of my Inchies were created with fabric--and to display some of those, I made a little crazy quilt, check it out here. Fun! But for my surviving papercraft Inchies, I decided to put them in an art journal page, like a little gallery, and after that I layered on some goodies--fabric, sequins, paper flowers, stamps, washie tape, netting from some fruit, and a page from a decades old novel. I was having a crafty weekend, and had all this stuff laying around--so why not! To some, it may look like a sticker sneeze of sort, but to me, it all means something special--right down to the chocolate candy wrapper where I got the word "Minis." I smashed it on there while eating the chocolate!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch.


  1. Sandy, I'm coming by from Art Journal Everyday at Balzer Designs. Your inchie journal page is great! I love your mixed media smashed down into a patchwork journal page. Love Love Love it! I'm your newest follower and I'd love if you would come and follow me too!

  2. This is so cute and adorable! I have never tried inchies but this makes me feel the itch to do it! :^) Patsy from