Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cuteness in the Queue on 10-11-12

 Happy 10-11-12! I couldn't let this day go by without posting something. I love days numbered like this. My nephew was born on 5-4-3 and I know one of my birthdays was on 11-10-9 and one of my mother's birthdays was on 6-7-8. Why oh why does this fascinate me, yet I'm not at all worried about the Mayan calendar!

So, I have lots of cute projects in the queue lately! Although I am not ready to show anything today--I'll be posting an art journal page tomorrow, for Julie Fei Fan Balzer's Art Journal Fridays--and I'm working on an ATC collection, my butterfly scarf, my angels, and Christmas cards. I just switch things around when I am at a stopping place or get tired of something. issue I never had when I was younger...sometimes if I'm having a little knitting or cross-stitching marathon, I get a pain in my shoulder and arm, and that's it. I have to take a break. Boo! So no fair--I want to be a crafting, stitching wonder woman. Obviously, I took it for granted when, in my thirties and forties I could stay up half the night stitching! But don't worry, age does not stop me from other things like taking my Zumba Gold class (I'm a maniac in there!), going for my 2-mile walk every morning, and stretching pretty much all day long, with a little yoga and pilates thrown in. Motion is the body's lotion, and it all helps me have a little more crafting power!

And by the way, I was watching Knitty Gritty and they were demonstrating how to knit on a loom. Very interesting--I've never used a knitting loom, but the knitsters loved how it keeps the yarn taut, and is very easy to do hats, socks, and baby blankets. The guest said that her aunt with arthritis had to give up crocheting, but she can now use the loom. Very cool. All the craft stores have these knitting looms. Use a coupon and grab one--I think I might!

I can't wait to finish up some of my latest things--and of course, other things will be ongoing forever--purposely forever--such as my art journaling (my new therapy). I can't draw--but I love it!

 I want to knit more hearts--I started doing these last winter!

Crafting makes me feel like queen of the world! Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch like a queen!

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  1. You always have a lot going on over there. Due to injuries to my hands over the years, I have pain if I crochet too much -- but that doesn't stop me. Even when I plunged down the stairs a couple of years ago and injured my left thumb and index finger (could have been much worse) I was still working away even with a bandaged hand. :) So glad it is the weekend here so that I can get in some crafty time, too. Best wishes to you! Tammy