Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Inchie Crazy Quilt

Scrappy ATC 2.5X3.5
Scrappy, artsy, crazy quilts are like the frappuccino's of the art quilt world--all cool and mixed up with an extra dollop of whip cream. So I came across my box of Inchie Art from last year, and felt like freeing these teeny tiny pieces of art from their storage prison. An Inchie is one-square-inch of can be paper, fabric...whatever you wish! I participated in Every Inchie Monday, a blog linkup there for a few weeks--but then started having the pinched nerve in my back, and at that point I was barely blogging anything, let alone creating teeny tiny themed art. But the good part of participating in the Inchie group was ending up with this itty bitty gallery of art. Many of my Inchies were done on fabric--and a few on paper. Now, looking back on them, I hardly remember what some of their themes I knew it was time to put them somewhere fun. I gathered up the fabric Inchies and made a little square scrappy quilt to display them.

Lately I've enjoyed just taking scraps of fabric and sewing them onto something. It's almost therapeutic! (like art) It kind of started with a scrappy ATC I made to send to my U.K. soul sister Jan. I LOVE having a soul sister across the pond! For me, scrappy stitching is all about choosing little scraps and cuttings of fabric that I dearly love for some reason--or beyond that it has sentimental value--or it's something I've embroidered or cross-stitched. I have lots of little hearts here and there, for example, that I cross-stitch all the time. I could cross-stitch a heart in my sleep, and when my hands aren't busy with something else, I'm probably cross-stitching a heart. It's like my little motto: if you sit, you knit. In another words, I never just sit down and watch TV, or just sit around--if I'm sitting, I'm knitting or stitching on something. Otherwise--I'm dog tired and laying down!
You can see, the little tiny Inchies displayed on the scrappy background. But some of those scraps are special too, like the blingy little silky piece of fabric on the upper right. It is from fabric that made up my sash as part of my costume when I played a royal wife in the King & I at our local community theatre.
Down in the corner by this musical Inchie done on black Aida cloth, is a snippet from the ribbon Jan used to tie up the beautiful gifts she made me from her scraps--but they certainly do not look like they were made from scraps--her work is gorgeous. I so love ribbons though--and this ribbon came to me from a beautiful country--so it is stitched into the fabric canvas of my quiltie Inchie gallery.
Of course, one of my Inchies last year was a cross-stitched heart on 18-count aida...and I stitched a bigger heart onto the crazy quilt. I think one of my favorite Inchies was the purple girl with crazy DMC wire floss hair!
This is a peek at how the little crazy quilt began. The base is two squares of felt--then a snippet here and there of fabric stitched onto it--goes very quickly in the sewing machine.

I love this little fabric Inchie that was about sisters, apparently.
Here is one of the darling things Jan made me--by the way! The most adorable pin cushion ever!
The six surviving paper Inchies found a home in my art journal. 

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch your art!


  1. Oh Sandy - this is a lovely little crazy quilt.
    We went to a big quilt fair on Sunday - lots of very precise patchwork etc - BUT - I am a random girl. I like things free and mix n match. So as much as I love the formal quilts - (they really were stunning and I might blog a few) - your little inchy quilt is just perfect and totally random - I love it. x Jo

  2. I thought I recognised that scrap of ribbon!! How fab that you've incorporated it into your amazing inchie quilt. which I love by the way!! Glad to see the pincushion in action, lol!!
    Hope you are well and happy :)

    LLJ xxxx