Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WOYWW No. 175 In My Own Little Corner In My Own Little Ikat Pouf

 Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk Wednesday--it's a blog party right here!
I'm so happy to share this nice quiet morning scene in my little creative corner--I got a new pink cutting mat I LOVE with the measurements outlined on it for cutting several sizes from 2.5X3.5 (ATC size) to 8X10--so handy! It's just what I needed. I had cleaned up the night before, and the leaf is down, and so my art journal and idea book are stacked there on the side. Along with my stitching and other projects, I've been art journaling and have become totally addicted to it. On one side of my work table though, my altered book project stays splayed out all the time where I am painting/destroying a few pages each day, and then I let them dry. It's going to be one of my 2013 art journals. I've heard from some of you who say you would never try art journaling--but I must tell you how wonderful and therapeutic it is. You don't have to be an artist. You don't have to buy anything fancy--just use what you have--you don't have to put anything on the page except what you feel like and spend as many days on one page as you wish. I just can't say enough great things about art journals!

Love my new cutting mat!
 So...Michaels, of course, had a HUGE sale and I got one of these jewelry organizers for three dollars--just what I needed for handy storage of my bits and bobs that usually lay around the worktable!

 We went out for dinner with my sweet mom this weekend, and she bought me an early birthday present: an Ikat Sari Pouf from Pier 1 Imports! I was incredibly excited to get this sweet little floor pouf made of recycled Sari dresses from India! I use it near my worktable to put my feet up sometimes, and even to sit on, and I just can't quit looking at its exotic patchworks! Had to share it.
My new Ikat Sari Pouf

Painting pages in my altered book--using bronze and white here.

Preparing some of the painted pages with my cube stamp--I like the look!

And of course, my butterfly scarf is getting longer still! I hope to add the purple in soon.

Hugs to you all as you eat, write, dream and stitch happy!


  1. Hi Sandy,

    Love your hanging organizer's think I may have to get some of those to store all my trims inside, currently they are all in ziploc bags in my massive toolbox sitting next to my desk....
    Your new pouf just compliments your room really well, also love that massive stamp of yours that your using in your journal....

    Maria #7

  2. Hi sandy, that plastic organizer thingy is a smart way to keep an eye on those little things that always get lost in the piles of stuff on my desk! I have to get one of those, but first I have to decide where to hang it! I agree with you about art journals although I haven't done one in quite a while!!! Patsy from

  3. I WANT TO GO TO MICHAEL'S!!!!! *stamps foot in tantrum*
    So many folk post about their bargains and we don't have anything like that in the UK... :( Ah well, I'll have to start saving up for a US air fare, won't I?? LOL
    Your crafting area is gorgeous - I love the boxes with all the pencils etc in, they are fab! And your Ikat poufe is really lovely, I like things made from Indian fabrics too.
    And does this impending birthday mean that you are going to be a whole year older than me for a while??? I can't cope!
    Sending hugs,
    LLJ ~53 xx

  4. great looking crafting space with lots of fun things to see and look at. I bought a similar gizmo at Target that holds shoes that I am putting my punches in to hang on the wall. I had them that way once but bought an IKEA Alex and put them in the drawers but I don't use them half as much as I used to and I think it is cause I don't see them! Have a great week. Vickie #41

  5. Wow - is there any skill you don't have? All that, knitting, painting, altering AND you clean up too..my word how impressive! I think our cutting surfaces and such are real unsung heroes in our crafting arsenal - isn't it fab when you find something that works so well for you!

    1. Thank you Julia! Isn't it crazy how in love I am with a pink cutting mat!

  6. Nice clean PINK cutting mat. I still have an old green one which seems to go on forever so don't think I can warrent a new one. Love the cube stamp too. Thanks for stopping by BJ#24

  7. Such a lovely interesting colourful snoop. Your crafty place looks so lovely, thanks for sharing and thanks for calling in on me!
    Jo x

  8. What a lot of fab photos. Good luck with the art journal - I haven't touched mine in ages but when I do I always enjoy myself.
    Love the scarf and the pouff is utterly gorgeous.
    Is that a bag with the patchwork hearts on? It looks fab.
    Hugs, your newest follower
    Neet xx 29

  9. i love everything i see! i am an avid art journaler, too, and i couldn't say enough of its benefits. you work area looks very comfy and warm and homey. i'm jealous.... :) alpha shanahan #92

  10. You have so much going on over there. Love that scarf and am really enjoying watching it grow. :-)
    A x #68

  11. What a gorgeous post this week - so many lovely things. That little hanging organiser is fab and the little pouf is perfect. Enjoy your journalling. x Jo

  12. I love your space! It's so warm and inviting, I mean the energy just pops of the page, awesome. I get stuck whenever I try to work on anything bigger than a standard A2 card front, it seems like the ocean vast and deep! I bought a journal to do an art journal in but tore out (gasp) the few pages that I did as they were utter junk. It's on the shelf now, safe from my ripping hands!
    Angie #18

  13. I’m afraid I’m one of those who wouldn’t attempt an art journal Sandy but I love to see what other’s do with them.

    Loving your new pouf too, what a wonderful way to recycle something that is so bright and colourful and something useful as well.
    Happy Crafting!

  14. It's nice to see another angle of your work area. Looks like a great space there. Ya know, the idea of an art journal does sound kinda cool. Never thought it was for me...but sounds fun!!! Maybe next year I'll give it a whirl. :-) Brigita #113

  15. you certainly like to be busy,and enjoy using your new craft mat :)
    have a great woyww
    kay #48

  16. I admire you drop leaf table so very much. I'm trying to do some mix media art. Not quite there yet. Yours of course is marvelous. #123

  17. The desk is looking ready to be worked at! I was hoping the butterfly scarf would have purple on it by now too so I could see maybe next time?Tamika #14

  18. Wonderful! That pink mat is perfect!
    Your Mum has lovely taste. That pouf is so part of the electronic version I have imagined you to be. We only get to know people through their posts, so it is fun when you can see pictures and before you red the deets of the post, you smile for the others bloggers good fortune. I smiled when I read the name of your pouf...it sounded so you!

  19. I love the present of your Mum and the atmosphere of your workspace is beautiful.
    Lynn :)