Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk Wednesday No. 174

 Today, I'm lovin' my little worktable. It works very hard! It can be pushed up against the window and the leaves put down to look nice and neat and clean. Or it can be pulled out a bit, the leaves up, and covered with my madness and mess. I love when it's like this, and I have an art journal refurbishing going on with pages I'm destroying by constantly painting them titanium white and drying all the time--a stream of stitching projects here and there--my new yarn loom with little flowers being born like stars in the universe--my butterfly scarf is in my bag (but it's getting longer all the time) and my old pink boom box showed up to give me some wonderful background music for art journaling in my Smash book! Ahhh. Good times.
Had to take this in the morning darkness--there's my Tinkerbell "magical morning" mug o happy.

I was making flowers on the loom while I watched Dancing with the Stars.

Paint on the pages--ready to smooth out.
So my art journal refurbishing is coming along as I'm destroying the pages of an old library sale book, which was about housekeeping (love that), and I've marked off enough sets of pages to go through all the weeks of 2013. I'm going to mod podge the covers and inside the book I'm keeping some of the pages in tact because the more classic household hints are truly interesting and helpful--so this has laid down the theme of my art journal. Something about "Around the House" or "Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Laundry..." I don't know--I'll have fun designing and naming the cover for sure.

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Crafty hugs to all my creative tribe members--thank you a million billion for visiting me and I can't wait to visit you!! And...P.S..your comments last week about the new craft shelves made my hubby's day! He says thank you very much, and he wishes he could make some for all of you.   
Eat, Write, Dream and Stitch today!


  1. Your altered book is an interesting project for sure! I started one a couple of months ago, it even has a little niche, but i have not finished it yet! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  2. I love your gate leg table! I have one in my front hall I pull into working once in a while when the desk gets too full. Love all the PIW and look forward to seeing them in the future. Have a great week. Vickie http://okienurse.blogspot.com

  3. What a gorgeous little table you have to work at. The leaves are a lovely shape.
    It's certainly earning it's keep with all that creativity going on, journalling, knitting and stitching, wow,I wish I could be so organised.
    Have fun with it all.
    Happy wOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #40

  4. I absolutely love your little crafty desk and your adorable crafty area, it looks so cosy and inviting, I just want to join in have a a play with all your wonderful stash :) Thanks you Sandy Leigh for your lovely comment on my blog, I really love your blog, and looking at the wonderful things you create :) If you take a peek back at mine you will see a few pics of my crafty area, mind you, this was tidied up for the photo, it is NEVER!!! usually this tidy, creative people have to make mess, well that's my excuse, lol! I love your cushions too, and those love hearts are wonderful! my favorite shame :)
    Looking forward to seeing more.
    Suzie xxx :)

  5. I love your desk too. It's just the right size to see everything and I like the shape of the leaves when you have them raised - nice hnd rounded.

    You look very busy and have made some beauties. I love your little yarn flower. That is a cool idea to use the loom while catching a little TV. I used to knit and watch football and it was fun. Might have to pull out my needles!

    I love your photos this week, the lighting is pretty and I love close-ups of stuff. It just makes me happy.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Belinda (77)

  6. Your book sound intriguing! #94

  7. What a great desk, so much to look at, and you certainly can't do anything without a tinkerbell mug - love it :)
    Hugs Sally #125

  8. You are always up to some fun, crafty stuff over there. The shelves your husband made fits perfectly in that corner. Funny how easy it is to fill it up right away. I usually do that and somehow still need more storage space. Hope you are having a great week. Tammy

  9. Well as a newbie to woyww this is the first altered book I have encountered and I am buzzing with idea's thank you happy woyww day
    Toni #54

  10. I love seeing altered books though I have no interest in trying one (yet). I also do counted cross stitch though it's been quite some time! Your desk is definitely busy! Thanks for stopping by my space and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #105

  11. Fabulous post! Love your little sweet table and I like the lighting of your post - so mysterious! Thanks for coming my way! Sandi 114

  12. That is one big coffee mug! Lots of fun projects going on there...have fun with the art journal. Thanks for visiting. Brigita #112

  13. Wow Sandy, so much craftiness going on in your space. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I do love getting lots of comments. #83

  14. I want that hearts fabric that's covering your stool (?) - it's soooo gorgeous!! Ooooh, the things that could be made with that :D And I'd quite like a set of shelves too...thank you, Sandy's hubby..wonder how much the postage would be between your place and mine?? LOL Ah well, it was a kind offer....
    And what are you going to do with all the knitted flowers you are making? Something gorgeous, no doubt :)
    Hope your parcel arrives soon!
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  15. Now that is a clever little table and it looks like you are creating up a storm. Love the heart X-stitch.
    Sandra @73

  16. What an interesting space ...so much to look at ...love the cross stitching xx#38

  17. Your art journal sounds wonderful and the housekeeping tips should be interesting!

  18. And I'm posting comments from an iPad and it's also giving me problems. Anyway, your desk is lovely, with all those projects going on!

  19. Gosh what a lot of loveliness your lickle table sees! You are as bad as me changing from project to project!!
    Thanks for visiting so I could pop by to see your desk. Your next post is gorgeous with all those flowers.

  20. Hi Sandy! You definitely are giving your crafty table a work out with all those projects!