Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello Kitties! Easy to Make Little Kitty Pillows

I love how easy these stuffed kitties are to make--and it only takes three or four of them to turn into a cute gift. You know the drill. Cut out the fabric, right sides together, sew around the edges, leaving a gap to turn right side out, stuff, and whip stitch closed. You can make them whatever size you wish, and use your scrap fabric! And of course, I have to stitch a flat one, without stuffing, for my art journal--I put everything in my art journal!
I have had this pattern for decades!

I stitched this one from an old quilt square.
And now I must leave you with a beautiful sunset my friend from high school days, Mary, took on her recent trip to Florida! Eat, Write, Dream of the Beach, Stitch!


  1. Kitties are adorable. So simple too. Beautiful sunset. I love 'em.

  2. Love the kitties - quite simple but very effective. They're pretty!!
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  3. I love the little kitties - especially the one made from old quilt - so cuddly! x Jo

  4. I sooooo love these!!!! Suzie xxx :)

  5. super cute...great sunset picture