Friday, October 12, 2012

Art Journal Every Day Friday - I'm Excited!

It is Art Journal Every Day Friday! And even though I've had a super hectic day, and am just now, at dinner time, able to post my art journal page of the week--I am so excited! I went to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's beautiful blog, Balzer Designs where she hosts the Friday Flickr group for her Art Journal Every Day blog, and today she was showing a few of her favorites from the Flickr group from last week. I was scrolling down looking at all the beautiful, amazing, inspiring pages, and boom! There's mine! It was my art journal entry using my little knit dress. MADE MY WEEK!! I didn't realize how unusual it is to knit in your art journal--but that is why it is important to be yourself, journal what you like what you want and what you need to journal--not what you think everyone expects you to do. Good lesson! I am so thrilled! If you don't know Julie--she is such an inspiring artist, and one of the wonderful hosts of the show Scrapbook Soup.

See why I got excited right here on the Art Journal Every Day blog today.

So here's my favorite pages of the week--not by any means that I am some artist--but just that I love boxes and patches and making houses. I've drawn houses since I was a little girl, and what I didn't realize until after the fact was that I had drawn four squares into my house, and watercolored them with metallics, and then there's the photo my daughter took of her and I and she used some program on her mac book to give us that Andy effect...and it's another four squares. So--kind of cool. I had added to my watercolor for a few days here and there, then printed out this picture from my daughter's Facebook, and then I put this all together on October 11th, and journaled all about how I love special number days like 10-11-12!

Many of my art journal pages this week are just more scribbling and doodling like the snippet here below. But I feel so good when I art journal. And I'm ready to face another day, move onto another project, because it's like my soul has cleansed itself a bit and gets renewed from the art journal pages. In fact, this morning, I immediately remembered having a dream where I was wearing red lipstick--and I got up and journaled for five minutes about it! Sweet!

Sometimes I put nothing more on the page than I quote I heard! Then later it is layered in with doodles, a piece of ribbon, and a flower. Love it!

Eat, Write, Write, Write, Dream, Stitch

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