Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Tuesday in my Smash Book

I'm sticking to my vow, and art journaling every day. Some days it may be a snippet (like here), and other days I feel more expressive. On this particular day, last Tuesday, I fell! I mean, I was walking down the sidewalk, and completely lost my balance and fell. Skinned my knee and hurt my pride! I didn't want to journal anything! But then, I talked myself into picking up a marker. So here's my little art journal entry. 

After that, I made some hot tea and laid down (poor me). What a Tuesday.

And by the way, I just kept tripping and stumbling the rest of the week! I don't know what was up (I do know what was down...me)--I'm much better now.

Eating, Writing, Dreaming, Stitching...and watching where I'm walking!

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  1. In a sense everyone should journal like this as a way, not only of reflecting on life, but as a means of leaving a story of your life for others to read in the future. Samuel Pepys did quite well from it! Thanks for sharing, hugs Buttons x