Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Creative Mess - WOYWW #177

Well hello there! What's on your creative workspace today? I can't wait to hop around some blogs and find out! 

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My worktable is messy, happy, and busy! I have a new ruler/stencil laying there--OF COURSE, it was a Michael's 50% off coupon buy, as are the new gelato crayon marker thingies--I am having sooo much fun with those! I've never tried them before, but I really really like them. However, when I go get my Michaels goodie this week, I think I'll be on the lookout for an acrylic paint set and some gesso--just the basics. I've been art journaling and stitching like a mad woman. I have not knitted as much as I'd like, but tonight I'm going to catch up on episodes I've recorded of "Call the Midwife" and have myself a knitting party! I will welcome the calm, because I was busy all weekend with projects, a high school reunion lunch in the park, and my nephew's hockey games followed by a wonderful family dinner out. It was fun--and this time, not only did I take pictures, but I've printed them out already. Remember our vow? Print those pictures, don't leave them in a digital void on your phone! Love you guys!
Those luscious gelatos! They came with a clear stamp.
Yes, I have a magic wand! I'm making fairy wings to go with it!
The everlasting saga of the butterfly scarf.
Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch yourself happy.


  1. Hi Sandy

    Love the inspirations you've shared today!

    Have a wonderful WOYWW!

    Create With Joy

  2. Your butterfly scarf is going to be so pretty hope you finish it so we can see it all finished up....
    Do you like using your gelato's, I've never used them before....

    Have a great week crafting...

    Maria #12


  3. Looks like you have been so busy, lve the wire work on the fairy wand! Hav a great week trace x. 46

  4. The only gelato I'm familiar with is the vanilla type, yum! They look like sweetie colours though, have fun playing :)
    And you're going to Michael's again?? Without me??????? You can go off people, you know!! LOL, just kidding :D Have a great time.
    It really tickles me that you like Call the Midwife - that's such a British sense of drama..hope you enjoy (and get lots of knitting done!)
    Hugs, LLJ '66 xx

  5. The scarf is coming along nicely! I so admire anyone who can knit...I can never keep the tension even!
    hahaha If your tension got "off" even by just a little bit...you could wave your magic wand over it and ta da...it would be fixed!!!!!

  6. busy looking desk again this week. Love the gismo you got at Michaels. Looks like it can make all sorts of turns and lines! Gelatos...I need to look into those. I think your scarf is coming along nicely. I can't remember where I put mine!!! Hope you have a great week. Vickie #91

  7. Everyone seems to be making journals. Love the look of yours and the scarf is going to be gorgeous!
    Glenda #100

  8. I try not to look at new things ...I have too many old bits to use. Cant wait to see your scarf finished ...one day lol xx#79

  9. Wow!!! I love everything!! So sorry I've not been around to comment lately, I've been so busy trying to get some bits together for my craft fair, only two weeks away, yikes!!!! Your scraf is going to be amazing, and I really love the look of your art journal, you are so talented!!! I have just taken a quick peek back at your other posts and have just spotted your adorable little kitty pillows, I am making lots of fabric things for my friends charity (for Cancer research) craft fair, including bunting, cushions, scotty dogs, lavender pillows and pincushions, and if I get time, some homemade fudge and christmas cakes to order, eeeek!!! I'm soooo running out of time, lol! Could I ask if you would mind if I used your kitty pillow patern and tired making a few to sell, they look so adorable, but wanted to ask you if it was ok with you first. Thank you Sandy, if you could let me know if this is alright with you, I would be very greatful. Suzie xxx :)

  10. Lovely stuff here today, and the photos look good too! Yes had to go see your kitty pattern too, very nice!! Have a great crafty week!
    Happy WoYwW
    ((Lyn)) #25

  11. Oh I love having a rummage around on your crafty workdesk! Have fun! x Jo

  12. Looks like you've been having fun! Gelatos...oooh haven't tried those ...yet. :) Nan 27

  13. You have been busy! I have never understood why people don't print out their pictures...a mystery to me. As soon as I take them, they get edited right away and used! lol I love the metallic gelatos I have, but I need more! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  14. Hi Sandy, just read your message on my blog :) Thank you soooo much for letting me use your wonderful kitty pattern, that is so lovely of you!! I can't wait to give them a try and if I have any success in making them myself will pop some pics on my blog to show you. Thank you once again! Suzie xxx :)

  15. Such a lot going on... butterfly scarf definitely worth the ongoing effort! Really curious about gelatos (isn't that an ice-cream in Italy?!)... love to see what they can do. Have a great week!
    Alison x

  16. Sandy, you are so versatile!

    Oh, yes, gelatos are so creamy and fun to color/paint with! Michael's has some great sets of kind of middle quality paints, PERFECT for those coupons!!!

    #137ish this week

  17. Great Tour of your Desk and Inspirations! I love alll the creative order! Thanks for sharing! Ginny #37

  18. How cool to have a wand - you need to wave it to get some length on your butterfly scarves!! No one will know ;-) Thanks for popping by Belated Happy WOYWW Helen 16

  19. I am with Lunch Lady Jan, the only gelato I know of is the gorgeous stuff they sell on Italian beaches, only I used to have the chocolate flavour. Not sure yours would taste quite as good though. That scarf looks quite a complicated knit, but should be wonderful and cosy once it is finished. Good luck with that, and have a good week. xx Maggie #33

  20. LOVE it when Michael's has the 50% off coupon! I can't wait for all of their Black Friday deals coming in November!!

    Sorry I'm running so late this week, but wanted to say thinks for stopping by!!

    Amy E. #1