Friday, October 26, 2012

Art Journal Every Day--When Your Ribbon Runs Out...

 Does anyone out there remember typewriters...and typewriter ribbon?
So what do you do, when you have a little typewriter you ADORE and the manufacturer no longer makes the ribbons for it? You cry, and art journal about it! AND use the used typewriter ribbon IN your art journaling!

A search on Ebay and other sources told me that my little typewriter's days are numbered. Because it was stored away for about a decade before I pulled it out one day to show my daughter who said, "what's that?" I still have four ribbon cartridges! Unlike computer printer ink, typewriter ribbons do not dry up and crumble, thank goodness. The other day I was typing some words on some fun craft paper to use in my journal when the current ribbon ran out. It occurred to me, as I was changing out the ribbon, that I could see the words reversed out on the old ribbon, and that's when I decided it was great art journaling material.

In my Smash book journal, there are some of the pages that have graphics I don't particularly like, and I end up sort of destroying them. This was a page I had painted and stamped on for a while before I finally decided what to do with it. My little typewriter ribbon house was born with my text about how much I'll miss my little Brother typewriter! Months ago, I wrote a little blog about the can read my really sad typewriter story here. At the time of that blog, I thought I only had a package of three ribbons left--but later, found another in a drawer of an old table! Crazy! So at least I'm four ribbon cartridges away from the end of the line. This was the coolest little typewriter ever--but somehow, more than blogging about it, art journaling about it makes me feel even better.
I recently bought my first gelatos and used them to color in my poppies here. Fun! Love those things--like crayons for grownups.
I made the house's window with paint chips for panes, and washi tape.


  1. How clever of you to think about using your type writer ribbon, it looks awesome on your journal page! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. What a sweet ode to your typewriter-it is sad that you can no longer find ribbon for it-it's why I had to donate mine some years ago.

  3. What a sweet way to memorialize your typewriter.

  4. I actually worked for a law firm in Tuscaloosa, AL in 1988 where I had to do all my work on a typewriter -- good thing my typing was pretty darn good, so I didn't make a lot of mistakes. Good ol' correction tape came in handy, too. Such a shame when something that is still useful can't be used because you can't get the product you need. Maybe it will be like Polaroid and come back in style at some point. Great use of the old typewriter tape. :) Have a wonderful day. Tammy