Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WOYWW 243 - Aint She a Mess?

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Well, I'm a mess. I admit it. This cough and cold is dragging me down! All I want to do is watch Downton Abbey, drink tea, and embroider. In the evening my energy drains, the embroidery gets tossed on my workdesk, and I lay on my bed with the cats--a mess I tell you. Anyhoo, here's what I've been embroidering--I'm just doodle stitching and don't even know what I'm really making!
So now you know my secrets. I'll be peeking in on your desk to see yours. If I get some energy, I'd like to make a few Valentines cards. We'll see! In the meantime, I'm once again completely worried about Mr. Bates now that he knows what happened to Anna!
Well this couldn't be more delightful--I had just finished writing this post when I checked the mail, and I had fabric mail! But not just any fabric...beautiful fat quarters called "The Dowager" from the Downton Abbey collection sent by my UK soul sister Jan! What a lovely Tuesday I've had now. I love how elegant these are. 

Jan knew how much my mother loved Downton as well. I'll always remember my long discussions with Mom about all the characters and their gorgeous costumes. She had managed to buy all three seasons on DVD before she passed away and watched them several times. So whether these become some quilty pillows or a little lap quilt, it will be so special!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Remember


  1. Love the beautiful stitching. I am worried about Bates too. He is too snoopy for his own good. Biting nails til Sunday for the next episode. Peg R #13

  2. I love what you've created. It's so springy and cheerful. I hope you get better soon. April #22

  3. Very pretty doodle stitching, Sandy, so cheerful and spring-like.

    That is some happy fabric mail--and a very sweet memory of your mother, that will definitely make whatever you create with that material all the more special.

    Happy WOYWW to you!
    #21 this week
    with a BIG mess

  4. I hope you feel better soon. I like your embroidery. That's some really nice fabric. #3

  5. That would have to be the prettiest little piece of "I don't know what I am really making". Keep going it is very pretty.
    Sandra @8

  6. Hi Sandy - I do wish you were feeling better - that cold is really dragging on!

    Your doodle embroidery is so lovely, and those fat quarters from LLJ are gorgeous too - I know whatever you make will be lovely and very meaningful.

    GET BETTER ... IMMEDIATELY! Hugs and hot toddies MMx #43

  7. Yay, they've arrived safely...I'm so glad you like them! I was a bit worried that they were a bit sombre in colour but I guess you could use small patches in amidst brighter tones if you wanted. Anyway, they were just something I wanted you to enjoy in memory of your lovely mother.
    And I'm not surprised that you've been struck down so hard...after all the emotional upheaval of the past couple of months, plus the stress, it's no wonder. Treat yourself gently, dear friend, you will feel better all round soon, but healing has to take place first.
    Sending massive hugs,
    LLJ 51 xx

  8. Pretty stitching, who needs a pattern when you have a brilliant imagination! Bit like zentangling but stitched instead! Go with the flow I say. Happy WOYWW! Karen 77 x

  9. Your little embroidery piece is so pretty. Jan is a treasure isn't she - that fabric is perfect! Have a good week. x Jo

  10. Your doodle stitching is so cute. I hope you start feeling better soon. And I know...about Mr. Bates!! You know he's gonna dig into it! Brigita #93

  11. Sorry to hear your are feeling ill, hope you recover soon! loving your embroidery, so pretty!
    Have a great week, Debxx #17

  12. Your embroidery is fantastic! I love it and look forward to seeing what it becomes. And that fabric, "The Dowager," is so, so great!

  13. Just take care of yourself. Curling up with Downton sounds the perfect medicine to me. I love your doodle embroidery, it doesn't have to be for anything just as long as you are enjoying doing it. Love the fabric Jan sent you too. She is just the kindest, most thoughtful person I know.
    Hugs Lisax #59

  14. Gorgeous stitching and I'm sure it will be fabulous when it's finished, whatever direction it takes!


  15. Yay Sandy love the stitchery and congrats on scoring that awesome fabric. I haven't yet started to watch Downton Abby and my family thinks I am missing on a few cylinders!! Have a great week. Vickie aka Okienurse #111

  16. Pretty fabrics. Any idea what you'll make? I think I would collect fat quarters from the entire line and make a DTA quilt to snuggle under while watching episodes hehe - Creative Blessings Kelly #92

  17. What absolutely gorgeous fabrics, and what lovely memories of your Mom. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #35 xx