Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Missing Mother ♥


"If you've had a mother and if she's given you and meant to you all the things you care for most, you never get over it."

--Anne Douglas Sedgwick

"She is the place you came from, your first home, and she's the map you follow with every step you take."

I've always loved this photo of my mother. She was 18 here in the early 1940's. She went to her place in heaven this past December and we simply just can't stop missing her each and every day. She was a beauty her whole life--but I don't think she believed it!

She was amazing, charming, loving and kind. She was creative, witty, intelligent and fashionable. She fiercely loved her family and always put us first. It can be so difficult to get back to the business of life after you've lost your mother. So you have to remember that she would want you to be strong, keep your wits about you, and keep creating the happiness and bliss that makes life so wonderful. I know I am forever thankful I had an amazing mom like her. ♥


  1. She was (and is still) so beautiful, both in looks and loving. And she live on in you......
    Jan xx

  2. What a beautiful lady! How stunning she looks in both photos and as Jan says she lives on in you! I had a beautiful and kind mother-in-law who I grew to love so much and she was taken away from us too soon. Not a day goes by without I think of her and see her pretty face and merry eyes in my darling daughter. Thank you for sharing, Sandy. Julie Ann xxx