Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday--Therapy!

Sometimes the only person you really need to be creative for is yourself. When you need restoration, relaxation, a little bliss, a little's all waiting at your work table. It's kind of like magic, hidden all around in a set of watercolors...your art journal...embroidery floss....fabric squares...and a box of beads. Pure therapy for the soul at its best.


I tend to do a bit more organizing and sorting during January. I find things, like a beautiful heart cross-stitch project I started last year, and failed miserably at finishing. But that's okay. It is now an official UFO (Unfinished Object) and that simply means, it will get finished someday! It's just that now I'm obsessed with embroidering on white felt. I'm completely covering this large square with embroidery--it's going to be the cutest little bag ever. (I always say that of course)

This size 5 pearl cotton floss is another obsession lately. I love the hand-dyed look of the rich colors, and I especially love the variegated skeins. When you slip-knot it around a floss card like this, or even a simple big ring, all you have to do is pull a thread out at the knot, and it slides right out. So easy!
Some days I feel like I'm attempting to embroidery the world--it's painting with thread and when you really get in the swing of it, you feel so peaceful and restored. Truly. 
I love working at my desk in the mornings with a big mug of coffee and my happy thoughts. Bliss! I have also started a new yoga class,and I'll soon be starting a new Zumba Gold class and a new health improvement program which has a holistic approach. I hope all this helps me be even more creative!
Now, I have to share this--to my left are my daughter's dolls from childhood--the Beanie Boppers. I was washing them down! Sadly, we are finally storing them away because they were getting dusty on a remote shelf in her room. They were well loved.

I want to thank the sweethearts who sent their kind thoughts last week--words are powerful and your words have truly helped me continue to heal from the loss of my sweet mother. Love you all! Have a happy Wednesday.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Restore


  1. I am sending good thoughts your way today. I am glad you are doing ok. I also wanted to say how much I agree with your thoughts about creating something for yourself to bring relaxation and comfort etc. When things get crazy, or sad, I like to find time just to "be". Good luck with your Zumba class, sounds interesting! I need to get these legs moving as I sit all day at work and then craft. Oh my! Winnie#64

  2. Hello Sandy, I have been away for a while rather busy, but I'm catching up and I did leave a comment on your beautiful mum earlier. This WOYWW is such a gorgeous post. I think the world would be a wonderful, magical place if you could embroider it! I would love to be able to create with textiles the way you do! Have a wonderful Wednesday. Julie Ann xxx#54

  3. I was just reading an article the other day about how exercise helps us be more creative. Yet another good incentive!

    Love those dollies, so cute. And the colors in your embroidery are gorgeous.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #13

  4. Such a riot of colour and creativity as always, Sandy. I think it's sooo important to just create for yourself sometimes, we get so bogged down in stuff that there has to be a way of getting lost in something really absorbing to have a few hours of release.
    What a shame all those lovely dolls are being put away...a sign of growing up I suppose, we are getting to that stage too.
    Hugs Lisax #53

  5. Ah Sandy, your embroidery reaches you as therapy just as you need it most. Huge hugs and real condolences over your sweet Mother's passing, it's so hard. Your desk looks perfect, and I couldn't agree more - create for yourself for the sake of creating. That helps.

  6. Thank the good Lord that we all have our own personal therapy. I would have been bonkers years ago, if not for my art. You embroidery colors are beautiful!

  7. I love visiting your crafty corner - just like home! The dolls are so sweet. I have a box of little Sylvanian animals and a box of Trolls that belong to my daughter - she is 33 - surely they could go to charity now? BUT no they have to stay cosy and safe in my spare room!! x Jo

  8. I love all the wonderful things on your desk! I call my craftroom my happy place. Sometimes I just sit there, look at all the wonderful colours and papers and flowers and ribbon and I can feel myself relax.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #77