Monday, January 27, 2014

My First Crafty Book - McCall's Giant Golden Make-It Book

 When I was around age six or seven in the late 1960's, I loved coloring, gluing, writing stories, and even had a little grey metal sewing machine with a foot pedal and everything. We made doll clothes. So one day, when I was little, I found this big book in my mother's room, and immediately took possession of it--McCall's Make-It Book, published in 1952. I carried this thing everywhere!

Now when I look at it, I can even tell which pages I used the most! I felt like the happy kiddos on the cover--just makin' a table full of craftiness! My worktable looks like that today--only more fun.
Thought I would share some of the precious pages on the inside, because this book covers every kind of craft and even included knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, and weaving!
But first, it taught you how to upcycle. Way to go green 1952!
Then you got your crafty list. I remember gathering some of these things!
Who needs to garden when you can make paper flowers all day! Now I have one of those cool flower weaving things.

I think the sewing cards were my fave. My mother helped punch the holes for me. I probably drove her crazy!
I'm wondering if this where I learned how to sew! Who doesn't like simple sewing.
It's funny how I've pretty much been a cross-stitch-aholic for 25 years...but I do not remember the cross-stitch pages in this book. They are very pristine looking, so obviously I didn't go to this chapter. And I probably didn't have access to aida cloth!
I learned crochet when I was young. But now every time I crochet it ends up in a circle. However, I have not given up! Crochet makes the prettiest trim on things. (I do think the little girl here with the blonde braids is quite proud of herself.)
I did learn how to knit though, at some point. I still have my pink metal knitting needles from when I was ten.
Now I even know how to use double-pointed needles! I should do a dance.
And I know for a fact I took over several empty oatmeal containers from our kitchen to make into all kinds of things. So glad I found my first crafty book again.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Be Young Again


  1. Well, that was a lovely peek into that book..and didn't it start off a life long obsession with making things? Funnily enough, apart from learning to knit, the only thing I was mad about (apart from horses!) was drawing. I drew all the time and got pretty good at it...I miss not doing that now...but only I can rectify that and make time, huh?
    I really enjoyed seeing those pages, thanks for sharing :-)
    LLJ xx

  2. My son just found this blog posting. I had that book in the early 50's and used it, and then my son made things with it (born in 1975) in the 80's. Don't seem to see it in the bookshelves but it might be packed away. LOL!