Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who Needs a Book Bag!

We couldn't find a book bag with owls! So it was time to make one. I had already been to two fabric stores, looking for owls. But on the third try, at our favorite new fabric store, my daughter found her book bag material.

I cut two 18X22-inch squares. She wanted a big bag with a very long single strap. I chose a brown check for the lining--we needed this bag to be as strong as possible. On one of the checked fabric squares, I sewed in a pocket with the owl design--double stitching for reinforcement. Owl fabric and checked fabric was sewn with right sides together. After turning out there was no need to stitch the gap because then the two lined squares would be sewn together anyway.

I cut a long 4-inch wide strap from the owl design, and pinned it in to let her try it out for the perfect length. Then, after folding the strap in half, sewing, and turning out, I was ready to sew each side into each side seam of the bag with the x-in-the-square typical strap stitch I use on tote bags.

We are happy with this nice, sturdy, big book bag in the fabric of choice. I see more book bag making in my future. It was a fun project and took less than two hours! I like that!

I have to say the inside pocket looks cute too.

Dream up something fun to stitch!


  1. Oh! That's adorable! I've had thoughts of making book bags when we do our usual school supply charity thing this year. Hmmmm…

  2. What a great idea! Those book bags would be so special and one of a kind.