Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seven Days of Aprons--The Sunday Dinner Apron

Ahhh...Sunday is finally here and I've made my last apron to celebrate the vintage workday week.  
Here is a rundown of that old chore list of yesteryear.
Monday - Wash Day
Tuesday - Gardening Day (formerly Ironing Day)
Wednesday - Sewing Day
Thursday - Shopping Day
Friday - Cleaning Day
Saturday - Baking Day
Sunday - A Day of Rest (which I call Sunday Dinner Day...we still have to eat)

If you want to see my twist on all of these chore days and the fabric art aprons I created to go along with them, page back through the blog.

My Sunday apron began with three interesting fabrics: one of my mom's housedresses from the 1970's, a lace table runner, and a pretty piece of embroidery found at a flea market that was given to me as a hostess gift by my friend Carrie M. Thanks Carrie! (I LOVE those kind of gifts). I thought this sweet cup of tea was ideal for the apron, since the best Sunday dinners involve relaxing with a nice cup of tea or coffee and a great dessert. I think how someone spent a lot of time stitching that beautiful cup and saucer. Maybe after her dinner.

The vintage lace table runner became a meaningful trim on Mom's housedress, for the apron skirt, because it's sort of like, oops! Mom's slip is showing again! Then another section of the table runner became the bib neck loop.

I actually remember seeing my mom wear that housedress--it's going to enjoy it's new life as a Sunday dinner apron!

Also, this apron actually does invoke the day-of-rest spirit, because Sunday dinners can be a special time for family and friends, but the dinner-makers like to make as many things ahead of time as possible, and another thing I like to do is bring out the slow-cooker. I'll be sharing my slow-cooked summer supper menu soon. I just throw the chicken in the slow-cooker and off we go to church. When we get back...wallah! Sunday dinner!

I've enjoyed having a theme this week and stitching up some apron creativity. I got in touch with my inner Becky Homecky, but I think I also kept my sense and sensibility about the whole thing--to me it was just more of the mixed-media fabric art I love. I hope to put some of these aprons in my Etsy store--opening soon. I also want to say, I realize that none of my aprons are very masculine, so sometime I need to do some aprons that anyone can wear. Men wear aprons too ya know! (see the illustration from my old old homec book)

Now, my garden tomatoes and peppers are calling me to make and can my first batch of summer salsa! So much for a day of rest for mua.

Eat, write, dream and stitch yourself happy.

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