Friday, July 30, 2010

Hooked On Bookmarks

With a little thread and a little yarn, it's easy to stitch up some pretty cute bookmarks.

In the old days, I cross-stitched some fancy patterns on store-bought bookmarks. But, now, busy with lots of things, I tend to just clip off some aida cloth and stitch up something quick and easy like a simple bookmark full of hearts...even adding a name.

Cross-stitching hearts is quick and easy!

Just trim out a piece of aida, about 2 1/4X9-inches, and that will allow you to stitch about six hearts, in any color of DMC floss you like--I use the satin floss mostly--and then stitch around the edges, to prevent fraying, and embellish the bottom with ribbon and buttons or even a bead trim.

When I found this ribbon yarn, at my favorite little yarn shop, Simply Fibers, I thought of so many things I wanted to make. Bookmarks were definitely on the list!
ribbon yarn

These are little one-to-two-hour projects, that are fun, and perfect for teaching beginning knitters and cross-stitchers. 

I'm always finding beads and charms and things to keep in my embellishment boxes--this sparkling party yarn and some cute beads made for a bookmark that makes a cute little gift.

When I make more, I'll create a pattern to post for the hearts. But I think most cross-stitchers can get it from the pictures. For the knit bookmarks, I cast on 10 stitches and knit it until it's the length I prefer. 


Have fun dreaming up your little bookmarks!

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