Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Work Week of Aprons--Tuesdays In the Garden

Here comes number Tuesday, in seven days of aprons! In the chore-a-day world of yesteryear, Tuesday was traditionally Ironing Day, because it followed Wash Day. But, when the homemaker's laundry load eased up at some point in time, Tuesday seemed like a good day to garden--really get in there and pull weeds, water, prune, and gather! My Gardening Day apron captures the spirit.

I can't imagine, though, only gardening on Tuesdays. During the summer, I pretty much garden whenever I need to, and most days I gather my herb bouquets in the mornings. I gather from my cutting flower garden once or twice a week--and right now, the tomatoes are pouring in so it won't be long before I'll be canning tomatoes and salsa! Woo hoo!
My Gardening Day apron bib is made from a gorgeous upholstry-weight fabric that I got for a steal from that fabulous huge fabric store in Charolotte. The sisters who own the place gave me the entire bolt for about $30 on a closeout! I was so excited. My husband wondered what in the world I would do with all that material. But he was happy to find out. So far, I've made pillows--some for Christmas gifts last year--I've created seat cushion covers for the dining room plus long pillows for each dining chair, tote bags, recovered a little garage sale salon chair, and now it's part of an apron to celebrate Tuesdays.
The apron is finished with a polka dot green cotton for the skirt, a pocket from the garden fabric, and extra-long polka dot ribbon ties to wrap around and tie in the front.

Next time I come home from work and need to run out in the garden in my nice work clothes--I'll have this apron handy on the greenhouse near my gardening gloves, ready to gather a basket of zinnias and a bunch of lemon thyme.

My garden is really a form of therapy, I think. Taking care of your garden, is like taking care of yourself. Nothing can replace digging in the dirt, the fresh smells, sunshine, and healthiness of eating fresh vegetables and herbs. Even if it's just a little patch, or a pot on a patio, I sincerely hope you have a garden in your life!

Eat, write, dream, and stitch up a little therapy today!

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