Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seven Days of Aprons--Thursday's Food Lover Shopping

Thursday's Apron Celebrates the Food Shopper. Now, we don't wear aprons to go shopping, unless we're Alice on The Brady Bunch, or Hazel the housekeeper, but in the old-fashioned weekday list of chores, Thursday was devoted to shopping, so that's the theme of today's homemade apron.

Why a little shopping therapy had to have a whole day devoted to it in the weekly chores for America's homemakers goes way back to the early 1900's when grocery stores served you. Depending on how staffed they were, a grocery store's workers had to measure out all the dry goods for a shopper, slice all the meat on your grocery list, and fetch everything from behind the counters. This was labor intensive for these assistants, and took a long time for shoppers to wait in line and be served. What a hassle. I'll never complain about going to the supercenter, where I can get so many things all at once, again! (really?)

 The laborious trips to food shop began to change when the Piggly Wiggly, of all places, began the concept of the self-service grocery store. Thank you Piggly Wiggly! Now we can love food shopping, get home fast, and cook it up fresh. That's why my shopping themed apron is full of heart. The bib has the front of an old toddler tee shirt appliqued to it. In fact, it was Lauren's little shirt (my model). Appropro she is wearing it in its second life as a kitchy apron now.

While I love those little quilty hearts from that old toddler tee (which is why I could never throw that little t-shirt away--I just kept it all this time in my fabric stash), I think my favorite part of this apron is the fact that the apron skirt is made from one of my mom's old tablecloths from the 1950's! That cotton table cloth is such a cute piece of vintage fabric, but so old it had a few holes in it. I patched over those with cross-stitch hearts appliqued in each bottom corner of the skirt. I found an old piece of brown cross-stitch linen, and embroidered "Food Lover" in red to make the pocket. The ties are simply wide red satin ribbon. It's all about food lover creativity!

Today I woke up early, worked out, went out in the garden, and got back to my sewing in record time. It was really nice to do today's food and flower shopping in the backyard. I heart summer!

Eat, write, dream, and stitch up a little creativity when you're done shopping!

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