Monday, July 5, 2010

Stitching a Work Week of Aprons--Monday Is Wash Day

Today's apron honors a history full of sunny Mondays where clothes lines everywhere displayed the day's wash, because in the week's list of chores, Monday was wash day. Before modern-day washers and dryers, wash day included boiling hot water, stirring the clothes, using a wash board, wringers, clothes lines, and knowing just the right combination of cleaning chemicals. And yes, it took all day. And yes, you'd better wear an apron for this messy chore!

This week, I'm making an apron a day--seven days of aprons representing each day's chore.

Vintage embroidered dishtowels are famous for displaying the Monday through Sunday mottos, but I've never really seen it on aprons. Today's apron, in honor of laundry day, is embroidered with the classic red letters in DMC floss and appliqued with a ribbon clothes line and little pieces of laundry cut from my fabric scraps plus a cross-stitched star, once meant to be an ornament. The apron skirt is made of muslin and finished with an eyelet ruffle trim, and wide cream-colored ribbon ties. 

The apron bib is a vintage tee towel which caught my eye because of its sweet ducks-in-a-row crochet. From found items and fabric scraps, Monday's Wash Day Apron came together nicely. This is number one in a work week of aprons--six more to come! (thanks for modeling, Lauren)

Wearing this apron could also lead to a little cooking, writing, dreaming and stitching. Have a happy, sudsy Monday!

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