Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When You Don't Feel Dapper...Craft Something! WOYWW 251

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk Wednesday! Today I'm featuring my constant companion, "helper" in the craft room, napping partner, gardening guardian, and second shadow, Minnie. Adopted from the streets when she was four-months-old, she is about 13 now and although she can be quite bossy of everyone in the family, she knows how to get her way!
Supervising in my crafty corner chair while I'm diecutting
Back to my desk though--I didn't feel like I got a lot done over the weekend. Did not feel that well, and barely got the grocery shopping done with hubby (I was ready to have him push me in the cart that day). But then, Sunday night I perked up! Watched Once Upon a Time with my daughter (oh that wicked witch!) and went to town making mug rugs, earrings, rings, and tags. Go me. Here we're approaching mid-week, and I'm still going!
I came across this one-hundred-year-old book of quotes I bought at a Friends of the Library sale. It's in good condition, but I'm really wanting to ruin it for art journaling or an altered book. I can't decide! I paid 25 cents for it.
Now I'm off to see the loveliest deskers in the world!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Happy


  1. Oh, I LOVE those earrings in the last shot...gotta see if I've got any beads like those stashed away! You have been a busy bee, great to see you enjoying your crafting. It's funny how a new enthusiasm can just get the old mojo firing away agin, isn't it?
    Sorry you've not been up to par...honestly, I believe that we have such busy lives, we do actually need time out but aren't we bad at making time just to do what we want? I'm rubbish at that! Hope you've got over the blip and are feeling much better now.
    Give Minnie a tickle from cats aren't allowed upstairs where my craft room is (several folks who stay with us are allergic) but whenever I go out into the garden, both Harry and Ron come and supervise :-)
    I've been sewing for fundraising, making pretty little makeup uses up scraps and I enjoy doing them. Don't look too closely at the zips though!! ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 27 xx

  2. What a wonderful find in that book!

    Oh I agree about the Wicked Witch!!! Love the twists and turns of Once Upon a Time!

    Krisha #12

  3. Your kitty looks like a wonderful helper! And your little earrings are darling!
    I have trouble tearing apart books. I can't stop doing it! Some people get mad about tearing up books but they are necessary for awesome art!!

  4. So hard to figure out what to do with an old book have fun with your great find :) hugs Nikki 5

  5. Ah Minnie!
    glad you got your energy back.
    When in doubt ALTER!
    Thanks for visiting, your kind words and the snoop around your place!
    Robyn 6

  6. Wow.. nice find in that book. I just got my hands on 3 books that were 60-70 years old. I will put them to good use in some art journaling I hope.
    Happy WOYWW... Love your desk full of craftyness. See you next week.
    Kimmer #91... last , but not least AGAIN.. LOL

  7. I hate to use old books - although I do love what I see others do with them! x Jo

  8. I noticed a cookbook on the desk as well. Is that fair game for altering? Lover altering books. Looking forward to seeing it when you are finished. Thank you for sharing your workdesk this week.

  9. Happy this week finds you feeling better. Hate those 'puny' days. I want to hold that book. I love finding treasures like that at book sales and flea markets. I'd have trouble altering the book, too. Maybe you could photo copy pages to use on something for now. Yep, I agree. That wicked witch. Just hope she doesn't bring the old Regina out. I kind of like the 'nice' Regina.
    Creative Blessings! Kelly #76