Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pretty In Pink on Tag Tuesday

Happy Tag Tuesday everyone! Today's theme is "Pretty In Pink" and you can see everyone's magical pinkness over at the Tag Tuesday Blog right here.
I am having lots of fun with those old vintage file dividers I inherited. They have been cut into all sorts of shapes and sizes, gesso'd, and made into tags, art journals, and little pieces of art. I'm thinking of making some little mixed media pieces for a craft fair this spring too. Today's tag started with a piece cut from one of those file dividers. Some of them have metal tabs at the top--those are fun to paint and tie ribbon and beads on. But this one was just plain.
I got a great tip from the Frugal Crafter, and I use the cheapest flat white paint for my gesso. Works great! Then I added a piece of jar art vellum, a few buttons, and some words and ribbons. This might have to hang in my kitchen for canning season!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch in Pink

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