Thursday, March 20, 2014

Craft Show Diva ♥

I never imagined that I would get to be in a live studio audience for the taping of a craft show! So when that opportunity arose, I couldn't miss it. A talented DIY/Crafter right here in the Ozarks has started a new craft show called FYI Guy. You can visit his website at It is updated often.
It was so fun to see Jeremy's amazing set, all decorated with his crafty creations! They pulled together a small live studio audience, and a few lucky people actually got to go on the set and do a craft with Jeremy! I didn't get to do that (I think I was a little intimidated)--but maybe I will another time.  I have to say the ladies from the audience were not all crafters, and Jeremy turned them into crafters right before our eyes! Jeremy is very frugal with his crafting, but his ideas are so creative. Being in the audience was really fun, but it was also a long afternoon. Being the audience was its own job! We had brought seat cushions to be a little more comfortable, and they taped three shows. But we got a lot of breaks, and they gave us snacks, and everyone was having a blast. Jeremy is so witty and great on camera, and I think we laughed all afternoon. I can't wait to see more of Jeremy's craft shows, live and in person! What a treat.
Darling daughter and I posing in front of Jeremy's flip-flop wreath!

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  1. Oh what fun!! I bet you had a blast...great pic of you and your girlie btw, so happy. You're looking good, Mrs!! What a shame we'll never see the programme in the UK......sigh :-)
    Jan xx