Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tag Tuesday - My Secret Garden Tag

So today's Tag Tuesday theme is Keys and Locks. But, I am so anxious for gardening season, my tag took a Secret Garden direction--imagining my amazing cutting flowers, humongous tomatoes, award-winning pumpkins and gorgeous basil and thyme. Ahhh. Naturally, a garden like that needs a locked gate!
Visit Tag Tuesday here. You can see what all the keys are unlocking on today's tags.
My garden gate key hanging on the tag is wrapped with wire and beads--some of you may know I'm kinda obsessed with wire and beads lately! I finished it off with a Mudd brand clothes tag. Clothes tags can be so cute these days--especially the ones from the junior department, and my daughter is trained to always give me her tags and never throw them away! Poor thing.

So what do we use all these tags for? They are actually little pieces of art! I plan to sell a lot of my tags at craft fairs. You can hang them in a room, frame them, use them to add to a gift or just stick them in your art journal or on a scrapbooking page. I do love using them in scrapbooking. Participating in Tag Tuesday is a great motivator to use up my scraps and get a lot of tags done! Happy Tuesday!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Garden

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