Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vintage Buttons, the Aunts, and Her Little Black Dress

It was just one of those days where I was thinking of Mom. A lot. Kind of all day. I listened to the three voicemails I saved from her--I love how in one of them she says "I love you" in a way that she almost sings it, even though she had been quite ill. That was her normal "I love you." I have so many photos of her, and really quite a few from recent years right up until age 87. But I wanted to look at a photo from the 1960's of her--one that would make me smile. The cute mommy I remember from when I was five.
I call this one Ladies Nite 1965. Mom is fabulous in her little black dress. On the left Mom's sister, Aunt Bonnie, looks completely bored! Or maybe lost in thought. Next, in the red, Mom's cousin, Loretta, was one of their best friends. I think she looks like she had lots of fun. Next, my Mom, June, in the prettiest dress, her LBD. Very lady like. It cracks me up how it's draped over my Aunt Betty. Why is her dress draped over Aunt Betty? Why doesn't Aunt Betty care? I guess we'll never know, although Aunt Bonnie is still living and I could and should ask her. Mom's older sister, Aunt Betty, died when she was only 47 from leukemia. I always remember her being tired. But she was once a beauty. She knitted me a complete set of hat, scarf and mittens. I just love how Mom is looking at what appears to be a martini, and smiling. I think they told a joke right before someone snapped their picture.
I was so happy the other day when I found my jar of vintage buttons. They belonged to my mom's aunt, Aunt Sis. Mom gave them to me many moons ago--and lately it makes me feel happy to use them on a lot of things.

This would make Mom smile--she loved it when I made things. After all, she was the one who gave me this book:
And I started making things and haven't stopped. I need to make my own LBD. I love you Mommy.

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  1. Such a beautiful recount of your memories....I think of my mum all the time, still miss hearing her voice.
    Sending hugs,
    LLJ XX

  2. Hi Sandy, I don't have so much time these days but I just wanted to stop by and say what a moving post this is! The ladies look as if they are having so much fun and your mum is the prettiest in her LBD. My daughter has to wear black to work and she has a dress very much like this but with not such a full skirt. She does look very '60s in it, I always think: I can hardly believe she is twenty now. What a lovely little vintage book too. The mother daughter bond is such a precious thing. Your mum is still with you and your love for each other will never die. Thinking of you. Julie Ann xxx