Saturday, March 22, 2014

I Made a Pin Board!

So I had an old poster-board size frame and decided to try this quick and easy craft. I needed a pin board! I want something to display some of my craft ideas - but also use to display earrings and other handmade items for sale at craft fairs.
Isn't it cute? All I needed was a piece of foam core board - which I had one stashed...modpodge and my scraps. I modpodged scrapbook papers, an old vintage pattern cover and actual pattern pieces, clothes tags and other purchased-item tags (I hoard merchandise tags by the way--no one in my house throws their tags away, especially if they are cute!) and I think there's a show ticket in there and a cute business card, plus some diecut fabric hearts that were lying around.
Now I can keep going on my earring production -- knowing I have a cute way to display!
Tags cut out of scrapbook papers to package my handmade earrings!

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