Thursday, July 10, 2014

Simple Scrapbooking--It's Frugal, Artistic, and Fast

I have been scrapbooking for over fifteen years. I started when my daughter turned five and I found a beautiful scrapbook at the Hallmark called out to me from the shelf...and right then and there I became a scrapbooker. Over the years I've gone with the flow and ebb of trends and what's available in the scrapbooking aisles. I got attached to a little independent scrapbook store near my house where I took classes and shopped, which then closed its doors, and I've seen ups and downs in the whole scrapbooking trend ever since. 

After art journaling and Smash books became a trend, I realized I had been art journaling for many years--I just didn't know it. I had always kept a book of thoughts, quotes, drawings, and my little stories and ideas in my bag all the time. I completed three of those little art journals before the term became so popular. Now I realize that the thing to do is to use the art and upcycling I love about art journaling with my scrapbooking. All those old scrapbooking papers I don't plan to use, are perfect backings for my own watercolor pages. I love how my doodling in watercolor goes great with a photo.
You can upcycle so many little pieces of artwork into your scrapbooking. On this patchwork page I have a little cross-stitched heart--the whole page came together quickly when I printed out a sheet of 2X2 photos, cut them up and combined them with 2X2 papers for journaling, and laid it all out on a sheet of pretty scrap paper laid over 12X12 craft paper. I left room on the side for journaling with a white gel pen. It came together pretty quick too.
I did a quick Christmas 2013 page thanks to a great photo offer from Walgreens. You have to watch for those great deals, and one week they offered a free--absolutely free--collage print. I ran with that, and used my collage print on a piece of scrapbook paper I had gotten for half-price at a local independent store after Christmas...added a little diecut with a white paper ribbon (which was part of a prize from Factory Direct Craft) and some white gel pen, and I was done with a nice scrappy update on Christmas. And it was very fast and frugal! Now, I did say a few days ago, that I was done with the old post-bound scrapbooks and want to switch to three-ring. But here I to Michaels to check out some amazing sale on scrapbooks! Hope you enjoy your scrapbooking and use your art, your stash, and clever deals!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Scrap


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