Monday, July 21, 2014

1960's Flower Girl

My beautiful daughter has had the privilege of being chosen by two different brides during her childhood to be a flower girl in each of their weddings. This was special to me both times, because when I was six years old, I was chosen to be a flower girl. I think it was one of the first times I really really felt like a princess and was put in a situation where I was "on stage" and expected to perform. Of course, since then, I have acted, sang and danced in many many local musicals and plays--it is a very happy hobby and fun part of my life. So I'll never forget the nervous preacher at this lovely chapel in 1967 who told everyone he was afraid I would just forget what I was supposed to do and run to my mother. Boy did I show them! I pranced down the aisle just the way they told me to in my floor length solid pink lace dress.
I remember the groom asking me to kiss him on the cheek for the photo--and that's when my shyness kicked in! At the reception, they gave me a present. It was a little red purse--real leather. Oh, I dearly loved that purse and I carried it everywhere. That may have started my lifelong thing I have about bags! (check my Pinterest board--Bags to Riches and you'll see). The groom must have picked it out for me, he was friends with my mother and worked with her, and he was always very kind to me. He was the one who asked for me to be their flower girl. Funny, because I don't remember a thing about the bride! But I do remember the very next wedding my mother took me to a few weeks later...I stood around in the church lobby asking her if I was still considered a flower girl! Apparently, more like a flower girl diva.

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