Monday, July 7, 2014

My Mailbox Garden 2014

I love my mailbox garden. Ever since a drunk driver mowed down my original mailbox, I have never regretted spending a little extra and having my brick mailbox rebuilt by an artisan bricklayer with a roomy little garden bed.

Read the story of my mailbox garden here.

Every year, I've planted something different. This year, I didn't want to buy starts, I wanted to do it all from seed. Burpee's mailbox garden packet was just the ticket. I planted in late April, and used a plastic cover until the starts came up (for a greenhouse effect) and the result is this lush variety of gorgeous flowering plants and vines with even more to come. There are zinnias and things about to bloom--so I'll have to post an update!

My mail carrier enjoys it, and so do the regular joggers and walkers on my sidewalk, as they've watched everything grow.

And here's a tip--we have a lot of cats in our neighborhood. We custom cut some chickenwire which stays over the garden bed when it is not full of plants--otherwise kitties think it's a big ole litterbox! They stay out of it when we have all these plants though.

Thanks to a rainy/sunny spring and early summer, I haven't even had to water it that much--so it's just been pure delight from a packet of seeds.

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