Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WOYWW 268--Forgot What I Was Doing! is Tuesday morning when I'm snapping this. I was so busy with family activities this past weekend, and now work and the garden that craftiness is frozen in time, right here on my worktable.
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Apparently I had gotten out Martha Stewart's big sewing book for some reason--now I don't know why I have that out! I should really look through it, because I begged for someone to get it for me for Christmas that year! My linen cross-stitch angel is out, I'm still stenciling, and I am still working on my knitted beach skirt. I am actually very happy with that project because I made a waistband with a smaller knitting needle, and then switched to larger needles for the skirt with a stockinette stitch and it's working very well.
It is late afternoon, I just had a massage, and I'm feeling very happy and very crafty! But it's hot outside and I think I need a dip in the pool first. I love summer and I have to make the most of every moment--like last night. I had zucchini noodles with parmesan and fresh garden tomatoes. Heaven. So here's the other side of my mildly messy desk. I hope I actually get something done today. Happy desking!
 Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Relax


  1. Just had a massage, hot outside, feeling crafty but need a dip in the pool first? Are you trying to make me jealous LOL? I love it when other people forget what they are doing - I have Works In Progress stashed all over the craft room - sometimes they have been there YEARS when they finally get unearthed because I er.... forgot to finish them. Have a happy Wednesday though it doesn't sound as if you need much help!! Hugs, Cindy #38

  2. We did some sewing last night, but it was so hot that we soon gave up. Our desk was an outside one today.

    Horace @ house of bears no. 56

  3. Gosh I can't begin to think about knitting in all the hot weather we are having at the moment - it's a winter activity for me I'm afraid! Your wool is a gorgeous summer colour though! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, hope you have a great week,
    Diana #42

  4. I want to have a massage and dip in the pool too!! Stamps Foot in Tantrum.... Only joking, I'm glad you've had such a wonderful time that you forgot what day it was :-). It has been so hot here that I've spent most of my time in the shade....I've been doing a bit of crocheting but honestly, it has made me hands sweat...yuk.
    Great story about your Mum's machine but you're doing a wonderful thing passing it on for another woman to make good use of it. June would be happy, I just know it. Good luck :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  5. Love looking at all the projects and the fun stuff on your work table. I spied your WOYWW ACT's hanging on the wall I enjoyed my visit today. Diane 51

  6. I love your desk - I am sure I could work happily there! x Jo

  7. Bit late getting round this week but do like to try and visit as many as possible. I think everyone has had enough of the heat but we are going to an agricultural show tomorrow so it will probably rain LOL!
    Happy crafting, Angela x #44