Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Little Yarn Shop and the Best Corndog Ever

Good corndogs are not cheap!
 At least once a summer (at least) I have to treat myself to a good old-fashioned corndog! Oh yeh. And preferably, it is fresh cooked at some theme park somewhere and I get to enjoy it in the fresh air. Afterall, good food on a stick should be enjoyed while you're walking around! The other day we were at Silver Dollar City and happened upon Butterfield's Onion Patch--best known for cooking those blooming onions, which I plan to try next time. But this time I was on a mission to have a corndog and visit the Yarn Patch (another store with "patch" in its name). My husband and daughter were and always are on a mission to ride as many roller coasters as possible.

The line did not seem very long--but they were cooking everything fresh on order, so it took a while. That's when I noticed these three little adorable sisters who were standing in front of me. So cute--just huddling and making their plans.
Finally we made it up to order. The girl who took our order was so sweet and told my husband he had a beautiful family. Made our day. So did the corndog--sooo good.
We walked for a little bit and then found a great table. This was our view of a waterfall while we ate.

 This was the sign on the wall over our table. There is lots of cute and vintage-style signage all around Silver Dollar City--it is an 1890's style theme park except for all the amazing high-tech roller coasters. Even their newest "wooden" roller coaster, Outlaw Run, is one of my daughter's favorites -- very smooth ride she says.

I confess--I couldn't eat my whole corndog. Hubby helped. But I was happy, and I was off down this little path to find the Yarn Patch.

 All of the flowers were in full bloom everywhere.
And there it was--oh how I love a little shop full of yarn. I get a lot of my yarn from Michaels and Hobby Lobby, so visiting a specialty shop is always a treat.

 The Yarn Patch had skeins and skeins of everything from raw to hand-dyed to ready-to-spin yarn! They also had little ready-knit goodies of all kinds. What really made me happy was when I walked in the door, there was a lady weaving at her loom. Love, love, love. I could have talked to her all day about spinning, weaving, knitting, and yarn, yarn, yarn. I don't know how to spin, and I did take a weaving class long ago for several weeks, and i guess that's why I'm completely fascinated when I see a loom or a spinning wheel!

Maybe I need to learn how to spin?

The very sweet lady told me that she had purchased this loom when it was completely broken down and rusted out--she and her husband restored it. After chatting for a while, I had to yarn shop!

So, I'd had my corndog, picked out my yarn, had a delightful conversation and I was ready to move on with my day. I had some blueberry preserves to pick up at the big store on the way out of SDC, and hubby and daughter had a hankerin' to ride the barn swing!
The Barn Swing ride!

I really want to weave again sometime.

A nice shady place to knit and have tea.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Happy, Have a Corndog

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