Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Texture Tag Tuesday

It's Tag Tuesday and today's theme is Texture Tuesday. Visit Tag Tuesday here.

Anytime I am creating art tags, my two favorite things to include are sentiments and texture. So a great way to shop your own stash of scrap papers and supplies is to have a texture tag making session. Anything goes. Paper, ribbon, buttons, fabric, sequins, beads, brooches, trim, stamps, ink, gelatos...just have a ball. And don't forget the words. Whether you use stamps, word stickers or a typewriter, the sentiment is what really makes your art tag sing.

My tag is completely from supplies in my stash - a mish mash of scrap paper, a little piece of ribbon stitched on, a cross-stitch heart, gelatos, and some cardboard packaging that was diecut into a heart, embossed and painted, and another fabric heart on top of that. 

My cross-stitched hearts are always in supply for projects because I keep a little homemade cross-stitch kit in my bag at all times. Anytime I'm in a waiting room, standing in line, or just anywhere really, I can cross-stitch a heart.

Read more about stitching-on-the-go.

Happy Tag Tuesday!

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  1. I love that you stitch while you are waiting in line. That's better than reading the covers of tabloids. You're inspiring me to try my hand at tags. You won't be surprised to know I have all of the ingredients!