Thursday, January 8, 2015

Welcome to Sandy Leigh's Stash Dash 2015

There's Five Simple Rules to Dash Your Stash

What's in your stash? Stacks of paper pads from great sales at Michaels...multiplying spools of ribbons....jars of buttons...piles of fabrics...skeins and skeins of yarns, floss, beads for days, threads and crafting twine and cords. Then there's the tools--die cutters, ATG guns, special glues, mod podge, gesso's, specialty exacto knives, hole punchers, rotary cutters, craft punches, sewing machines, embroidery machines, binding machines...all this and some of us don't even have a whole dedicated craft room! It's no wonder that every time I buy something, I have to reorganize my whole crafty corner. It's not that I don't enjoy my crafty life--I am a regular Mollie Makes. But, this year I'm going to make more out of it, because I'm going to create more and buy less. I call it my 
Stash Dash 2015--my own little plan of five simple rules to upcycle, use it up, make it up, and pretty much go nowhere from here but up! So before I run out and buy a great new thing, I need to make a great new thing. More creativity, less stockpiling.
I mean, I could build one of those tiny houses just for my sewing stuff. So, I'm going to do these things and I'm going to do them all year long.

If you want to do a Stash Dash 2015, raise your crafty hands and repeat these five simple rules after me:

1--I'm going to shop my stash regularly. Be my own merchant! If I used up half my paper or fabric stash, I'd still have enough to pass around at a crop every week!

2--I will use an under-used craft tool at least once a week. Like this thing. My flower loom! I was so excited when I got it. I made a lot of flowers. Then I found a great container to store it in. And now, I haven't used it for at least a year. So this week--I'm making some flowers. They'll be great for tags, bags, and pages.
I love this little loom and don't want to forget how to use it!
We all have those goodies that got tucked away and we need to bring them out again and create with them. I need to use my die cutter weekly, and my stencils!
3--I will learn from my stash. That is, I'll go to the blogs and videos and my stash of crafty magazines where I can get instruction every week with something I already have on hand. And I will learn a new technique with it, simply refresh, or get inspired with a new creative slant on a new project. I have a great knitting book that I need to go back and choose a project from!
I need to quit collecting stamps and use them!
4--I will earn from my stash. Whether I seek out more publishing opportunities, counter space in a friend's shop, craft fairs, or just finishing my crafty book, I will make my stash go to work for me with projects that do more than go to storage. This stuff lives here, so it's going to earn its keep as either art or merchandise!
I put ribbons and price tags on these bubble wand necklaces and they are selling in my booth at an antique mall.
5--I'm going to enjoy more time in the craft room and less time with JoAnn. Or Michaels or Hobby Lobby! I just named my three favorite haunts. And it's true--I really don't spend my money on fancy jewelry, electronics or expensive clothes. For me, it's the craft store. But, if I use my precious weekend time shopping, I don't have the time and energy left to gain momentum on a project. Spending more time in the craft room is the answer! Also, when we get to May and June, my time gets divided into the garden as well. 

I do deserve the occasional splurge, but if I stick to these five simple rules, I'll deserve it. I think another reward will be to join a stamp-of-the-month club or something like that. I won't be out shopping for them all the time, but I'll get something special once a month on my doorstep for a little extra inspiration.
You can see the steam from my tea! How cool.
The sun is splashing across my desk and I've printed out a cute cross-stitch pattern that I downloaded last year from a free website. I love Russian dolls--but I'm not buying anymore. I'm stitching one with floss and aida on hand! I think she will be part of a Valentine banner I'm working on. I'm having hot tea out of my Christmas mug--one last time, I know, it's January--and I'm happy with where the year's going. I think I'll write and draw about it in my Smash book.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Stash Dash


  1. Sandy! You have described my craft/art supplies and tools perfectly. As I was thinking about blog posts for the year one was to make things out of what I already have on a regular basis. You have expanded beautifully on my thoughts. Would you mind if I linked your post?

  2. That sound like a great objective, and a plan to get there! Good luck!