Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wall Pocket Calendar Recycle--Stash Dash 2015

Using my scraps and stash to recycle a pretty pocket calendar
 Every year I get a new pocket calendar for my kitchen--you know, the kind with the spiral bound top, hangs on the wall, and has a handy pocket on the bottom of every month. I also keep them when the year is over, to upcycle some of the calendar pages into other projects. And of course, I have several that are completely in tact and I haven't used them yet. I especially liked the one from 2013, and couldn't seem to find another one I liked that much. Then I got the idea to recycle it! Make it my 2015 kitchen pocket calendar. Why hadn't I thought of this before?
Step one is to add the current year at the top of the pages
These kind of calendars are always made really well, and don't get wear and tear, so why not recycle. I had printed out calendar pages to actually make a scrapbook calendar, but they looked like they would fit my pocket calendar. So I went to work, trimming them down, coloring them a little with gelatos, colored pencils, using stamps, old stickers in my stash, using my wavy scissors, and simply applying each calendar page to the existing page with washi tape and nothing else. Now, I don't have a lot of washi tape, and was wishing I did. But I did use the three spools I do have. The washi tape covers up the seam on each side, but later lets you easily remove the page if you want to recycle it again another year or upcycle it for another project.

-Click here for the free pdf printable calendar webpage-

This was such an easy project--just required some trimming and getting out my supplies. As you can see, I didn't get too fancy because I just wanted to get it done and up on the wall to use. But you could certainly take your time and embellish the pages as much as you want. Leave them fresh and white,  throw some color on them like I did, or print them on colored card stock. That's the fun of it! Happy stashing!

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  1. Fabulous I love it and thank you for the link to the calendar page I'm off to have a look. Anita

  2. Forgot to say you can make your own washi tape with masking tape some acrylic paint and rubber stamps :)

  3. Great idea! Thanks for the link to the calendar printouts!