Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bag of Dreams

I finally finished my rustic little embroidered bag that began at a tag sale. Two soft white little embroidered blouses, 25-cents each, started this whole thing. They featured white on white embroidery, eyelet cutouts, and colorful stitching--I knew they had to be repurposed for something. I snipped out the pretty embroidered sections for my zipper bag, and used the backs of the little blouses to stitch together its rustic handle.

I embroidered the words "Bag of Dreams" onto one side of the bag, in pink DMC and stitched x's in a varigated purple DMC down the handle.

The other side of the bag has two swatches of fabric sewn in and more eyelet, along with a little cross-stitch heart patched on. A light teal linen serves as the lining.

A little fabric bag with layers and layers of color and embroidery, stitched together for a cotton country look--makes me want to find more embroidered blouses at more tag sales!

The blue zipper has a beaded pull added on as well. I think this will be a fun bag to hold some stitching and knitting projects on the go!

 This makes me both kinda sad and kinda happy--the last basil bouquet from the garden...the next day we had our first frost! That's okay. There's much more to eat, write, dream and stitch.

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