Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The It's-A-Good-Thing One-Hour Tank

Once upon a time, I had a couple of cute, supersoft t-shirt tank tops. They grew old and frail, and eventually I had to toss them. It was sad. But before I got rid of the last one, I used it to cut a pattern and from there I made several tank tops that summer. This past summer, I decided to make things a little more fun. After I argued with myself about whether to pitch some old beat-up t-shirts I was kind of attached to, I cut them up and made the It's-A-Good-Thing tank top. I don't think Martha would be proud, because it's rather slouchy and rambly and not perfect like Martha's stuff--but it is very comfortable with some old denim shorts or thrown over a swimsuit. I like it, and please don't turn me in to Stacy and Clinton.

But back to those shirts--who would hesitate to throw out these stained shirts, right? However, they were high thread-count supersoft shirts, and with my penchant for sewing things onto things, I made a rescue and made my applique tee.

 This Little Project Only Took An Hour
The backs of the t-shirts were in great condition to be usable fabric, and I simply cut out the embroideries from the front, added some kitty patches from a cute piece of material, and at the bottom on the back I appliqued a "goodbye heart." I am one happy appliquer (is that a word?)--whether I'm sewing by hand or with a machine, I love to sew things onto things! Hey, I need a t-shirt that says that!

It's always good to Eat, Write, Dream and Stitch.

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