Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Cook's Plant

Everyone who goes near a stove should have an aloe vera plant. I've had the same huge aloe vera plant for about five years. Many little cook's burns later, I realize I can't do without that plant! If I burn myself on the oven and immediately break open an aloe stem and apply the pure gel that's inside, my burn never hurts and begins healing immediately. My plant has also saved me from the iron and sunburned shoulders too!

An aloe vera plant likes to dry out completely inbetween waterings. The mother plant, when she's happy, tends to have little "pups" and if there are a lot of pups, you can eventually put them into their own pot and share your plants with other cooks. Even in the summer, I just leave my aloe plant on the sunporch and it is perfectly happy. Last year I overwintered it a little too close to an impatient, and the impatient potted its babies right into my aloe plant! So I've got some repotting to do!

Fall is really settling into the Ozarks right now, and we have some beautiful days with 50-degree mornings and 80-degree afternoons. I love how my outdoor potted plants look right now, all full of blooms. But soon I'll have to start the process of deciding which ones to overwinter on the greenhouse sunporch. I love the ones that keep blooming for a long time--it makes the sunporch my favorite place to have morning coffee in the middle of winter!

The tomatoes are dwindling out, but I still have some hearty flowers in the cutting garden--so maybe a few more bouquets? 

Overall, there is not as much gardening to do, so I'm back to more sewing, concepting and writing Christmas scripts my publisher requested (yay!), writing a devotional book, and getting ready to do another 5k with my hubby. I'm not ready for winter, but, as a summer girl, I'm doing my best to embrace fall.

Eat well and cook safely!

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