Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little visit to the Craft In America Exhibition

Seeing this amazing piece at the Craft In America exhibition today, made my day. The incredible design of masks--reflected on the table--is sandblasted into the blown glass. I was in awe. Apparently this is a series on PBS, in several installments, so I definitely plan to see the whole thing. The other ultra-amazing item in the exhibit was the Conold Bench, pictured below.
There were more than 50 works of art, and with my love of sewing and mixed-media fabric, I searched for something in this genre. That's when I found the under-the-sea mixed media fabric quilt, and I was happy. It is filled with gorgeous fabric, beads, buttons, sequins, you name it--of course the photo doesn't do it justice. I just had the urge to go home and start stitching something! Then I saw a series of works crafted by Native Americans--stunning items which included these beaded high-heeled hightops. It was a great day! After all of this crafty eye candy filled with beads and sequins, I know what my next new project will be. Exhibits like this truly feed you with the inspiration you need. 

In the meantime, here is one of my original cross-stitch designs I have finished. I created it right on the Aida canvas, so now I need to actually chart it. It's called, The Back Porch.

Eat, write, dream, stitch and stay inspired!

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