Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stitching Christmas Cards

 Find a fun, fast and easy pattern, and you can stitch a Christmas card that can serve as an ornament, a little wall hanging, or simply a treasure.

 This time of year I love to go through my Christmas books, magazines and patterns. When I found a little button tree it inspired me to create this version. I had to drop everything and try it out. It didn't take long, and that's when I decided to play around with the sewing machine and make it into a little Christmas card complete with a ribbon handle, so it can hang around the house anywhere as a decoration. 

I am stitching mine on oatmeal aida cloth, and each card features a different colored star from sparkly DMC floss, and different colors flower pots--I just pick the colors I like! I have had these miniature buttons forever, so it's nice to find a project for them.

You don't have to worry about measuring, or making it perfect--this is "rustic" so once your creative stitching is finished, cut two squares of fabric with the pinking shears to frame your stitching, wrong sides facing together, and stitch the cardstock portion to the back, then center your Christmas stitching to the front and sew all three layers together around the edges, leaving your rough pinked edge, and don't forget your little ribbon hanger. Easy peezy!
Pick out some pretty card stock for the back.

 In the past few days--and this is in my spare time mind you--I've made about five of these! They are for family and a few close friends, because I don't have that much spare time. But these do stitch up quickly while you're watching Downton Abby!

Eat candy, Write to Santa, Dream of sugarplums, Stitch a Christmas tree.

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