Friday, December 7, 2012

Art Journal Fridays--Stitching in My Journal

People paint, doodle, draw, giggle, stamp, and simply write in their art journals. I embroider in mine sometimes.
There are as many things to love about art journaling as there are moons around Saturn. Having a place to try out new ideas and techniques is just one of my many favorite things. That includes when I sit down with a little piece of felt, cut it into a heart shape and try out some doodle embroidery. I wanted to see how this little bird would turn out, before I actually embroidered her on a piece of clothing. So, I couldn't think of any better place to stash this sample than my art journal! I added the word "simplify" and made a page out of some of my favorite little beliefs. I love to look at it now!
I was also playing with how I draw letters, as usual.

And now I have an adjoining page ready for some more journaling!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch away the day...


  1. Sandy, I adore your little birdie, how absolutely lovely!!!

    I made several little felt christams decorations birds for my recent craft fair, but sadly the cat got hold of those :( but have made a few more, but just for me :)
    Have tons cut out in different colours, but mainly cream and sky blue, they are so simple but there's something just so lovely about that, rather than all the usual glitter, sort of rustic and so very simple, I love them, and yours too!

    Is that a smashbook I see? Don't you just love them Sandy? I have a load bought in a sale in the summer, and have decided to do the December Daily challenge (1st time ever) and am using my red one for it.
    I've just decorated the cover, pics on my blog. And if you take a peek back you will see what my 11 year old did with his Smashbook, he loves smashing too!

    Love all your wonderful work Sandy, looking forward to seeing more pages of your journal.
    Suzie xxxx :)

  2. BTW, I ment to also say, how I love your list too! The simple things in life are usally always the happiest. Love this! xxx

  3. This is beautiful and love the stitching!