Monday, December 31, 2012

Buttons, Bows, & What Your Organizer Knows

Happy New Year's Eve! Have you made some resolutions? I've decided that since we made it past the Mayan calendar, I am making revolutions for 2013--revolutions in how I spend my days, what I can accomplish, and most importantly what I really want to do. A lot of this goes into my organizer, so I need an especially inspiring organizer to accomplish more creative days. Your organizer says a lot about you--whether it's mostly blank, filled with plans, dreams, lists and ideas, checkmarks of what's been done, events, or just making an ordinary day special because of what you wrote about it. Each day is up to you to decide how happy you want to be.

Come on in and I'll share my 2013 revolutions.
My front door yesterday, before we took down all the Christmas decorations!

In past years I've used my boring old weekly planners to organize my days. Not this year. I found this gorgeous little planner at the calendar kiosk at the mall, and to me it looks like an art journal and has some fabulous pages in it where I can do a little journaling, write some encouraging words to remember all year, and simply be inspired by the artwork every day. And, it fits nicely in my bag.

It's because I want to create art every day. Even if I can only spend minutes on it, I want to put something in my art journal, write, and thread a needle, no matter what else I have to do that day! Those are my revolutions.
It's filled with creative pages along with the planner pages.
I love ribbon and button bookmarks, and whipped one up from some pretty sparkly ribbon for my new planner. I stitch a fun zigzaggy seam down each side of two lengths of ribbon and then sew a button on the bottom. Easy and fun.
It has been so nice to have a holiday break. I've organized my ribbon stash, my sewing supplies, and my stack of projects to give me a boost for the new year. I have a fun, ongoing DMC floss project planned...a daily kinda thing, starting tomorrow!
The Christmas decorations are put away, the house clean, and my mind clear. I don't want to be another failed resolutionist this time--I want to be a happy revolutionist!
So, I am onto the treadmill--something I do every day anyway, so no big deal--but this time there will be situps everyday combined with a little yoga (that will be a body revolution), and maybe a novel and some playwriting completed in the next few months! It's a plan. I hope you've had a wonderful, blessed 2012!
Minnie is cozy for the day.

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch up a fabulous 2013!


  1. I have the same unsuccessful resolution every year for the past 5 years, which is to get healthier, toned..blah blah...maye I need to make a revolution this year and totally change my attitude! lol Actually, my resolution is to pray more...maybe then I'll achieve more. Happy New Year, waving and counting down from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May you have health, happiness and fun in abundance :)
    Love all your crafty storage, that ribbon organisation is awesome. Good luck with all your resolutions too, the art journal sounds wonderful!
    Much love and best wishes
    From your Soul Sister!!! Xx