Friday, December 14, 2012

Art Journal Fridays--Layers of Blessings

It is amazing how a simple day can be filled with happiness and memory making. It was Saturday, November 10th, and the weather here in the Ozarks was absolutely gorgeous and perfect--sun was shining all day! (And I'm descended from sun goddesses, I'm pretty sure, so that was extra special to me.) I slept late (well, 7 am...late for me!). I got up, exercised, had my favorite coffee, and got ready to go out and celebrate all day.

First we went to Michaels--all of us together, and I got a few extra art supplies that day, for my birthday. Earlier they had given me a telescope--I am a nut when it comes to studying the stars and the universe, and I've never had my own telescope before!

My daughter snapped this photo of my husband and I as we were about to enjoy our delicious, expensive lunch!

Then, we strolled through Barnes & Noble, and got a few more goodies--I almost bought this huge book on the universe...but instead, I got "Doodle Stitching!"
I'm still adding layers and some writing to this page.

My art journal page here started out just to be some pages layered and layered with pretty papers, doodling, stamps, and even a yarn flower I made. It was just right to put this little Instagram phone pic here, representing a simple day, layered and layered with the goodness that comes with turning 52!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Wow!
    Sandy, firstly, you do NOT look 52!
    Happy Birthday to you and what a stunning photo! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, lunch and gifts, and love how you seemed to have embraced the day.
    Hope you continue to enjoy your beautiful journal and telescope, what wonderful gifts!
    Suzie xxx :)